the orange and yellow ones

The topic sometimes comes up in casual conversation, and although it is not unheard of for people to like the orange ones and the yellow ones, it’s a long ways from universal, and in contrast, pretty much everybody seems to like the red ones, the green ones, and if there are blue ones, the blue ones. (I’m sure exceptions will turn up). People either love or hate the black ones, but opinions run strong there, and most people seem to like the white ones.

Since it seems that liking the orange and yellow ones is uncommon, it seems like there would be a big market niche waiting to be filled by any company that would sell bags without the orange and yellow ones.

But I’ve never seen such things for sale (with the exception of single-color bags; i.e, all black ones, but I don’t think that counts). Why not? I always end up discarding perhaps 1/3 of the bag that was orange/yellow ones. But the “space filler” theory doesn’t hold up, as there shouldn’t be much (if any) difference in production costs. So what gives?

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Seriously, what “ones”? Jelly beans?

In my experience, a condom is a condom. The color doesn’t really matter.

You ARE talking about condoms, right?

Well, I hoped it was gonna be clear from context :-).

But: any cheap candy that comes in the flavors of red/green/yellow/orange/white/black/etc. Like those chewy gum-drop things, or cheap jelly beans (doesn’t apply to the better ones like Jelly Bellies), etc.

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Never heard them called THAT before.

There’s a good joke in there somewhere about “coming in flavors”, but I ain’t gonna go near it. No sir.

peas on earth

I like the orange and yellow ones. And the red and black and white ones.

But not the pink or purple ones, and definitely not the blue ones.

I think it likely it’d be an even spread, really. Some people, heaven forbid, don’t like the black ones! Yipe!

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I think the OP refers to MPSIMS topics. :wink:

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I really don’t have a preference. As long as it’s an M&M, and it has chocolate and a peanut inside, I’m gonna eat it. :slight_smile:

Ummm…we are talking about candy, right?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Well, I can’t speak for all candy comapnies, but I know that M&M Mars spends a good deal of money to determine what mix of M&M colors is most appealing to people, and therefore sells the best. My guess would be that, even though we may discard a good portion of the bag, we are inclined to buy the bag with all the pretty colors.

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I like orange gumballs! Orange is my favorite color. =)
And yellow…well, it depends on what it is. I like yellow popsicles, because that means they’re banana, which is my favorite flavor. =D Yum.

My favourites are the red, pink, blue and purple ones. I occasionally like the orange and green ones. I’ll eat the black and white ones if that’s all that’s left, but I wouldn’t touch the yellow ones if you paid me.

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The yellow, pineapple-flavored Life Saver is being eliminated! WooHoo!

I love the pineapple Lifesavers!
-How can they do this!?

I love the pineapple Lifesavers!
-How can they do this!?

So outraged, you just had to say it twice :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I love the pineapple flavored ones too. But my favorite Lifesavers flavor is butterscotch.

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The orange and yellow ones are dismal; so are the green ones.

I pick out the black ones first, then the pink
and purple ones, then the red and white ones.

As far as “fruit” lifesavers, the pineapple was way too blah. Actually, I don’t much like ANY of the regular flavors. No, the fun kind are the weird “tropical fruit” flavors; ersatz mango, watermelon, etc.

This is extending the topic beyond stated limits, but I go berserk with “scoop your own” jelly-bellies. THEN it’s time for a taste adventure, you betcha! pop a chocolate latte with a candy apple, a pina colada with a rum…well, hell, it keeps me amused.


jelly beans: LOVE the yellow and orange, those are my favorite. I also like the green, white, and black ones. Red are occassionally tolerable, but usually gross (kinda like red kool-aid), and blue and purple are generally inedibly vile.

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