Does anyone marinate with Balsamic Vinegar?

I’m not sure…would it be too strong? If I did it, what should I put in it? I’m making chicken. Thanks!

More likely, it would be too expensive, unless you’re using “balsamic” from the grocery store, which is about as much like real balsamic as Sunny Delight is like orange juice.

Hmmm, I love making tomato-based sauces and adding balsamic vinegar to them to give them a depth of flavour. I am not sure that I have ever marinated chicken in balsamic, though. I’d be interested to see what other people say about this, and what they suggest adding. I love me some vinegar.

I don’t think you can marinate with vinegar too long or it will break down the meat, no?

I marinade in italian dressing but only for about 1/2 hour.

I’ve got two brands, Pompeii and Star. I have no idea if they’re any good. My son brought them here. Where would I buy it if not at a grocery store?

Yes, I’ve done Italian dressing before, and that’s some tasty cookin’. I actually don’t know how to cook with balsamic and I thought this might be something to try, but as I said…I don’t know if it’s ever done.

All I ever see is a light dressing of balsamic on other foods, but I don’t know if it’s straight application or if they use other ingredients.

I do often. Mix some balsamic with some olive oil, add a little garlic and/or basil. Leave it in about half an hour.


Here for one, ‘real’ Balsamic vinegar can be very pricey.

That’s just what I’m looking for. My husband isn’t a fan so I’ll marinate his in cat shit and brickdust. :wink:

Please report back - I love balsamic vinegar (b. vinegar and olive oil with fresh crusty bread is one of our favourite dishes). I’m not too worried about “real” balsamic versus grocery store bought - I love the taste of grocery store bought, and I can afford it - win/win!

I do.

London broil marinated in Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil, with garlic, black pepper and chopped shallots.

Grill steak, cook marinade, add beef stock, reduce, stir in dijon mustard, thicken if necessary. Slice rare London broil against grain and serve with mashed taters and something green.

I’m always looking for new recipes so let us know how that works out!

I do that quite a bit as a seasoning for grilling. I’m not using the high end balsamic vinegar, obviously.

Thanks. I just spewed Iced Mocha out of my nose and all over the keyboard!


Balsamic mixed with Sunny Delight does make a decent marinade!:o

I do this too with chicken breasts that I’ve pounded thinly. Then I take a page from chicken marsala by dredging lightly in flour and pan frying in a little olive oil. Once they’re looking nice and golden, I turn the heat down to simmer, pour over the marinade (thinned down with a bit of lemon juice and water) and let the whole thing simmer away with the lid on until the chicken cooks through.

The flour thickens up the sauce quite nicely and the chicken comes out all tender and delicious. Seriously good with mashed potatoes.

PS - for this, the usual grocery store brand balsamic does fine. No need to break out the super-fancy stuff (save that for salad and for dipping your bread)

I make this Balsamic Chicken with Mushrooms recipe at least once a month. It’s not a marinade that requires time to sit, you just mix up a few things and toss the chicken in it right before cooking. So quick and easy, and it’s flavorful and moist and tender. It’s a Weight Watchers recipe, too!

That sounds positively scrumpie! And it doesn’t sound like it’ll turn off Mr. K. He’s a fan of the 'shroom. Do you serve it with pasta or rice?

You could certainly serve it with either, but I usually don’t bother. I make pre dinner salad of baby greens and a side of lightly steamed green beans is the perfect complement to the tangy balsamic of the sauce. Oh, and I roughly double the mushrooms, so there’s enough mushrooms to fill me up as a second side dish. Since I discovered it during my Weight Watchers phase, I intentionally skipped the starch, and as a result I don’t miss it. But it would certainly work well with either if you can afford the calories. I’m thinking egg noodles would have an edge over Italian style pasta, for some reason.

I have found that even grocery store Balsamic works very well in all-day braising.

Some red wine, Balsamic, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary on a lamb shank in the crock-pot.

mmmmmmmmm good.