Does anyone own an Aztek?

I’ve been looking at the Azteks and they’re kind of interesting. But I had some questions.
How do you owners like them?
Are they considered SUVs?
Does anyone have the camping option, and is it any good?
Do other drivers really heckle you for owning one?

I’ve heard tell that there are substantial discounts on them, due to unpopularity.
I can also say that if they’re an SUV, they’re very light compared to their peers.

Yes, I have an 2001 Aztek.

I love it. It has just the right cross-over between a car, and an SUV. As a tall guy, most cars are barely comfortable in the front seat, and you can forget about the back seat. One of the things I like is that people can sit comfortably in the back, without me feeling like I should move the front seat all the way forward. But it’s not as large as a lot of the other SUVs out there. It drives more like a car than a truck.

Yes, they are considered SUVs.

We have the camping option, although we’ve never use it. One thing that I noticed when we were playing around with it that you have to wait 20 minutes from when you turn the car off, to when you can put the tent on. To me, that’s a bit of an inconvenience. I mean, if you’re using that option for your camping, there’s really not that much else you have to set up in your ‘camp’. Also, the tent material is very light, so take warm sleeping bags. And I’d highly suggest a portable plug in air compressor to fill the mattress, as the hand pump thing doesn’t work at all.

I’ve never noticed any disparaging remarks from other drivers, although other Aztek drivers will most likely wave when passing.

Lemme know if you have any other questions.

Why do you have to wait 20 minutes?

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For the tailpipe to cool off. The tent material streches right across it.

So, I guess it would be a bad idea to fire your car up in the middle of the night to warm up then? :wink:

We recently bought an Aztek for Mrs. Matthew. She adores it. It’s quiet, rides well (I believe it’s based on a minivan suspension), and has oodles of leg, head and cargo room. Mileage is decent for its size, 19/26 as I recall. It was also $3000 cheaper than the Grand Prix she wanted. They’re quite affordable for their size and features.

But…it’s ugly. It’s very ugly. Thankfully I managed to talk her into getting the yellow one, thus making it look something like a Tonka truck. That way it’s ugly/cute. The Azteks in more adult colors?

Hideously ugly. Quasimodo ugly. Dare I say it? Coyote Ugly.

Test drive one and I think you’ll like it. But get it in yellow.

See, I avioded the yellow, just because it drew more attention to it. Sort of like the overly flamboyant cross dresser…smile.

And yeah, turning the engine on to warm up isn’t an option…although I’m trying to figure out a way around that…after all, I have to have the engine running before I can plug in the tv/dvd combo.

Thanks to everyone who replied, especially Atrael for a very informative answer. The dealer didn’t offer that little bit of info about you having to wait 20 minutes.
I actually like the ugly/cute look of them. Also, most of my driving is city, so I can’t really justify an SUV, but the Azteks seem like a nice compromise.
How are they for handling? Are they as tippy as some big SUVs?

Azteks always reminded me of high top tennis shoes:)

In my past lives, I’ve owned a few Mayans, Karankawas, and even an Inca. But never an Aztek.

You can say that again. This has to be one of the ugliest cars made today. I would be worried about resale because of that point.

I personally think the Aztec is the most heinous automobile on the road today.

I will loftily ignore all you un-enlightened people disparaging the looks of my beloved Aztek in order offer sage advice to those seeking to become one of the elite owners of this modern Picasso-type vehicle. tongue firmly in cheek

I haven’t noticed any more tippiness than any other truck like vehicle. Sure it doesn’t hug the road as much as a Saturn or something, but I’ve never felt like it was going to tip on me…and I drive fairly aggressively.

While I’m tossing out bits of advice, if you have to pay for all those cargo net things they offer for the back? Skip them. They’re a pain in the ass to snap in, they constantly get tangled, and unless you read the manual, it’s a bitch to figure out which ones are supposed to clip into which slots.

Also, to get to the spare tire, look for the little square of carpet in the center of the rear area that folds up to expose the bolt that you loosen to lower the tire. I spent 15 minutes looking for that damn thing the first time I had a flat.

A hidden bolt for the spare tire mechanism? It might as well be a Peugeot. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the Aztecs on the American roads, and they’re not as ugly as they are in print or on a screen. But they’re STILL among the ugliest cars on the road. Good God.
Having said that, they sure look like very practical and versatile vehicels!

Besides, if you want to win the butt-ugly contest, buy a Chevy Avalanche. ::shudder::

Atrael, for a real Picasso car, check out this Citroën Xsara Picasso. Immensely popular in Europe: so much for that European sense of style, I suppose…

I have a blue 2003 Aztek, no camping gear and I just LOVE IT! I know it’s not the best looking thing on the roads, but I enjoy having a unique car. I have the Front Wheel Drive model and had no problems in the snow we had recently. I do not regret buying my Aztek. You may want to consider joining the yahoo Group at to ask questions and get more information.