Does anyone recall the Gene Simmons interview where he....

…actually kisses the on-air interviewer?

My co-worker and I were talking about the infamous Terry Gross interview. He said that Simmons kissed her at one point. That, of course, is poppycock. But he seems to remember an interview where Gene gives a tongue lashing, so to speak, to the on-air host.

Does anyone else remember this?

He wouldn’t necessarily have to be at the same station as the host, you know.

Simmons did not kiss Terry Gross, because they were in different cities at the time of this broadcast. There was some witless banter, in fact there was a lot of it, from Gene Simmons, and he was generally trying to piss off Gross by being as obnoxious as possible. He nearly succeeded. He may have conducted himself similarly in any number of other interviews, but none come to mind.

HA! Very good.


Good stuff but Kiss are still the most manufactured band…well…ever!

Meh. At least they actually put themselves together, instead of being prefabricated by some agency. The Sex Pistols, the Monkees, and numerous boy bands can’t claim the same.

I remember the interview and don’t recall him trying to kiss her. He said obnoxious things like he’d walk in a party and go home with your wife if that was his wish. She said, “Are you always this obnoxious or is this part of your on-air persona?” And he retorted back, “Are you always this bland and humorless?” That sort of thing.

It ended badly (not as badly as the Bill O’Reilly interview) but I definitely don’t recall kissing. Like the other posters have said, Gross insists on being in separate studios because she wants to get the same experience as the listeners.

There was the time on Julie Brown’s (the red-headed comedienne not the VJ) MTV show when Simmons’ lascivious behavior proved so obnoxious that right after he filmed his segment on how to hold your (golf club’s) shaft, they shot a few seconds of a dummy dressed as Simmons being blown up with an “astonished” Brown screaming, “Oh my God! Gene Simmons just spontaneously combusted!”