Does anyone remember the Magellan (???) web browser?

I can’t remember the ISP, but they had a tabbed browser back in the early 90’s. It was great for dialup connections since you could start loading another page or pages while the first one was loading.

I was so bummed when they either got rid of it, folded, or something. I can’t remember what happened except that I had to start using Netscape I think - which meant a new window for every page.

Does anyone remember who provided this software, if I have the correct name, etc.?


Magellan was a search engine.

Maybe. Was it a tabbed browser in the early 90’s (possibly late 80’s)?

Yes, that’s why I’m not sure if I might be confusing the name.

Actually, the later product with that name was a search consolidator. As you no doubt already know, you could tell it which general or specific search engines to use, have it download the results and then do boolean searches on the results. It was pretty cool.

But I remember thinking that the 2 products had the same name. That’s why I got all excited the first time a saw a reference to it online - I believed it was the browser software I had liked so much.

Edit: even though it is a fairly elaborate memory, I don’t trust it. Relevant parts could be reconstructed. I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t put much money on the proposition.

Do you remember anything else about it? I remember pages loading while you were reading being a common feature of some one-off browsers, but I don’t remember if it was when Netscape was still being actively developed.