Does anyone remember this Christmas Poem


I am trying to remember the full text of this Christmas poem, for a Christmas gift for my parents. Either my Google-fu is weak, or it doesn’t exist on line.

However, the amazing amount of useless facts the collective SDMB contains never ceases to amaze me. Help a girl out.
It started like this

I wrote a letter to Santa, early in June
I knew Christmas would be coming soon
(I forget a few lines)

What do you think he brought me in stead
A baby brother, without any hair on his head!

(and a few more lines)

I’m sending my parents daily short stories about our family via an "advent calendar email’ one per day until Dec 24th. This poem would make a great capper to the vignette about the Christmas my mom was pregrant with my brother…

It seems to have the same cadence as 'Twas the Night before Chistmas, if that helps.

Really? No one? It’s not like I asked a question about Judaism on Rosh Hashanah!