Does anyone remember this MTV video from the 80's?

I believe it may have been a promotion video for the movie Amadeus but it’s different from the ones I’ve been finding online thus far.

I remember it started out with Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth getting into a limousine and watching a tv/monitor as a video starts playing on it. I believe the video was footage of 80’s rock/metal bands but the music was a classical piece.

I know there is thisone with DLR acting as a band leader in front of guitar amplifiers but I’m positive the video I saw had DLR and EVH getting into a limousine. It’s most likely the exact same video with just a different intro but again, I’m sure Eddie was involved too.

Anyone else remember this video?


Van Halen “Pretty Woman”.

God I miss 1980s videos.

Actually, it’s probably this one, called “LA Is My Lady” by Frank Sinatra (along with a whole lotta guests!)

I vaguely remember a video like that, with David Lee Roth in a gaudy tux and at the beginning he says something like “Ok boys, let’s get this right, I have to have the suit back by 5”

Thanks, bunyupp. That is the one I was thinking of. I guess I was waaay off when I said I thought it was Mozart.

Thanks again.