Does anyone remember this video by U2?

It had the band U2 playing on the bed of an 18-wheeler flatbed truck. They are driving slowly through some major city, I think New York. I cannot remember the song they are playing. As the truck makes its way through the traffic, a throng of people walk along, enjoying the impromptu concert. Part way through, some guy in the crowd says he plays the drums. He is invited up on the truck and plays on Larry Mullen, Jr.'s kit. The video ends, I think, with the guest drummer guy telling the camera that everyone just witnessed the last time he’ll play the drums – he just jammed with U2 and nothing could ever be better than that.

[li]What is the song?[/li][li]Did the band have permission from the city or whatever to do this?[/li][li]Was the drummer guy for real, or was it a set-up (like Courtney Cox in Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark video?[/li][/ul]


U2 Throw Themselves A Parade, Give New Yorkers A Free Show: Band shoots clip for ‘All Because of You’ on a moving flatbed truck.

Yeah, I think that’s the one. MTV doesn’t have the video any more. I wonder if the “random” drummer from the street was for real.


YouTube saves the day…

U2 or YouTube? U2 on YouTube!

Now that I’m home, I can check the YouTube link. That sure looked familiar, but it didn’t have the random drummer guy get up on the truck and play with them. Does anyone else remember that or am I out of my mind?