One For My Fellow Drummers

Some very fast and fine playing, IMO.


I don’t know jack about drumming but I’ve always loved the way they’re brought to the foreground in this song and treated as a lead instrument rather then a rhythm instrument. It’s one of the few songs that I consciously notice the drums on.

A classic, certainly.

I always thought that John Densmore was one of the hardest working drummers in the business in his days with The Doors. He could always be counted on to deliver his best effort despite the material.

So about the video I posted upthread. Take a close look at this guy’s cymbals. There’s one on his right that has what looks like a small cymbal mounted upside down and has a very quick decay. Do any of you use this type cymbal and what’s it called? It also looks like he’s got 2 snares.

I was just totally blown away and shared it on FB.

Agree on Densmore, although he played time mostly, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I once attended a drum clinic taught by the late great Joe Morello and that’s what he had us do: “Play me some time”, he said, and we did, one at a time. He picked most of us apart right away. :slight_smile:


China cymbal?

No, not a China. This set-up has the large cymbal mounted correctly and the small one upside down on top. I think this might be his own invention (if you’re a drummer, please excuse this) in order to get the quick decay. (“means not craaaaaaaaaash!”, but crash. :))

God, I’d like to have that cymbal setup and I wish I could play as well as this youngster does!:slight_smile:


PS: I wanted add that Morello is the drummer on “Take 5”

Joe Morello was my idol. The man forgot more about playing drums than most of the rest of the world will ever learn, and Castillian Drums was, IMO, the pinnacle of his mastery. I’m envious that you were able to sit in his presence and try your best.

There’s a good example of a couple of these no-decay cymbal stacks being played here: at around 2:30.

I don’t think they had a name, but I believe Bill Bruford also made use of them.

JESUS EFF’N CHRIST, another one!

Godalmighty, I was mesmerized from the beginning and had to run it back to 2:30 a couple of times to see it, but I mean damn! I need that kid to get outta my farkin’ yard.:wink:

Twirling drumsticks!!! Fuck that, dude! I can probably twirl 'em on “And I Love You So” (or whatever the title is), but if I tried it on that tune, I’d drop 'em fer sure!:slight_smile:

See, I’m a “Ventures” kinda drummer, and I couldn’t hold a candle to those guys. All I could do is stand there with my mouth open and be amazed at what I saw.

The word “awesome” doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction.

And that bass player! Lord, those fingers!

I’ve never seen anything like this and I guess it must be time for me to crawl out from under my rock!

Thank you very much for that link, ptr2void, I saved it.



The mini upside-down cymbal to which you’re refering is, simply put, a bell. when he hits it, it’s not a crash, but a ding.

Yes, in some of his videos, he is using two snares. the main one (between his legs) is sharper sounding, while the one to his left is warmer sounding, so he can have two distinct snare tones in his music.

Yeah, it looks to me like a china cymbal with a bell mounted upside-down on top of it.

ETA: Actually, there’s a photo here of a similar setup, if you scroll down.

I scrolled down, as you said, and found them. Apparently, they’re called an ice bell, available in 7" and 9" varieties.

Good vid.

Here’s another fast & furious drummer


Those are some nice Mapexes, but that’s so much gear, I’m afraid I’d get tangled up in it, guys! :slight_smile:

And Hoedown has always been an ELP favorite of mine, thanks!