"Does anyone remember Vera Lynn?"

She’s still alive.

She’s 92.

And her “Best of” collection is Number One on the UK Charts- yes, ahead of The Beatles Remastered!

Long Live Vera!

Nevermind. Self-edit.

Just brilliant.

They interviewed her on BBC Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago when the album first got into the charts, and she is still all 100% there mentally.

She also sang for the interview. She can still sing. What a wonderful lady.

Unfortunately, when anyone references Vera Lynn, it reminds me of the end of Dr Strangelove. Vera Lynn = Armageddon. Gulp.

And of course, the other pop culture reference is Pink Floyd’s The Wall (from which the OP title comes).

Yes- still remember her. Good to see she is still kicking along.

She also gets a namecheck in Robyn Hitchcock’s The Yip Song, though I expect rather fewer people will be familiar with that.

Or even bob-bob-bobbing along.

ETA: Did she sing that? I thought it was but I’m not so sure now…

And the Kinks’ “Mr. Churchill Says”.

If you’re think of ‘When The Red Red Robin Comes Bobbin’ Along’, that was Al Johnson.

Yeah, but it’s a standard innit; I thought Vera Lynn had covered it too. On googling, I see it might have been Doris Day I was thinking of… Never mind.

I’ve met Vera Lynn, and have a few photos of her somewhere in the collection i left back in Australia.

I was working at a country house hotel in the English Lakes District back in 1991, and she was a guest in the hotel. Knowing that photography was my hobby, the hotel manager asked me to take a few pictures of him and Vera and her husband Harry. He put it on a wall somewhere in the hotel, and for all i know it might still be there.

Anyway, she and Harry were both very charming and friendly.

Whenever I hear her name it conjures images of her being lampooned by Spitting Image in 1995. They were mocking the surfeit of public ceremonies wherein she sang “We’ll Meet Again”.

My dad played it every night before a mission.

I too like Vera Lynn of course her American counterpart Jo Stafford was just as good, if not better, but Lynn still was great.

My favourite song of hers is her renditon of “Be LikeThe Kettle And Sing”

Till me meet again with a well behaved crowd singing along.

Wow I found this thread after realizing March 20th is her birthday.

The girl is still going strong at 103

Here’s her message about the coronavirus

Okay, when I saw an eleven year old thread about somebody who was 93 had been re-opened, my assumption was not that the new post was going to be best wishes for her birthday.

Lucky any contributors are still alive.

I know her! Although she’s way over 100, I have her on a DeathPool list. I’m going for quantity, not points.