Does anyone still make overalls for adults?

Bib overalls, like they wore on Hee-Haw.

I’ve tried googling, but all I get are sites selling toddlers’ clothes.

Are they referred to by a different name now?

Or are they just so out-of-style that no one wants them?


Dickies certainly makes them. They’re sold at our local WalMarts. You might (or might not) see house painters, drywall installer, and other types of contractors wear them.

Here’s a link.

They sell bib overalls at Farm and Fleet, but they’re strickly a midwest chain (Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa).

This site says that Oshkosh B’Gosh has discontinued adult clothing, but the site still has some overalls in stock for sale.

Carhartts of course. My Farm & Vet catalogs are loaded to the gills with 'em.

TSC is a chain of stores which carry the garments you seek. Their website is lousy, though-only shows stores in Canada. I’ve got a few near me, though.

for those in England who may be asking themselves this question see