Does anyone want to send a card to START?

He’s given me an address he can be contacted at, but (obviously) doesn’t want to have me post it openly on the internet. If you want to send a sympathy card, please email me. It’s in the profile (suforan @ yahoo . com).

Thanks guys. I think it may be really helpful to his family to know that we all care.

Email sent. Good thread idea, Elysian.

Just sent you mail. Thanks for organizing this, Elysian.


I emailed you a little earlier. Thanks for posting this.

Mail sent. Thanks for the idea.


What happened?

His brother died, Sattua.

Has anyone gotten a response from Elysian yet?

Not yet. Mail’s not going out until Tuesday anyway, because of President’s Day.

I can’t decide how to sign the card. “To the family of…” and sign my family name? Should I put a note in for START so he knows it’s from a Doper?
This is tricky etiquette.

Mail sent.

Sorry no response yet! I’ve been busy. I will respond to you all in one minute.

Whoops! Good catch. :slight_smile:

I’m not really sure what the Miss Manners answer is to your problem (“Really! When someone you’ve only ever met online, whose family you don’t know from Adam, loses a loved one, you simply…”), but I like the idea of sending a card to START’s whole family, with a personal note or small card just for START.

I’m thinking his parents could probably use some love, too, y’know? Granted they don’t know us either, but words of encouragement are words of encouragement, IMO, and, well… I really just don’t know. I can’t imagine what his mother must be feeling. Too sad.

Got my response from Elysian, btw.

Elysian, could you pretty please forward me his address? I never asked him and didn’t want to overstep my boundaries. Sorry, I should have asked you yesterday, but I forgot. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what his actual name is? It’d be kind of weird writing “To START” on the card…