On-Line (Jacquie Lawson) Thanksgiving Card From "The Quasis"

D and I have been discussing this, and we didn’t know how to proceed, but discretion being the better part of effing up, we decided to ask the “Teemsters”!:slight_smile:

Right now I belong to this very nice e-card service and it expires 11.30.09.

Because we cannot (and may HAVE not) thanked you all properly, we wanted to send some of these cards to you with a personal message.

Y’all know more about the net than I ever will, and I know you are concerned about viruses, sales of your accounts and stuff, so before we did anything like that, I just wanted to gauge your opinion first.

I don’t have the “grey cells” left to turn this into a poll, but I and D sure don’t wanna send out any of these (and to be honest, no one has ever complained) pretty cards if they’re not wanted.

We just wanted to say “thank you” at this special time of the year, because, frankly, I wouldn’t even be able to write this if it hadn’t been for y’all.

Let me know



I know I’m not one of the ones you want to thank (as I couldn’t afford to help–my family is in a bankruptcy situation themselves). But I’d probably just go ahead and send them, unless they charge you by the card. The worse thing that can happen is that people won’t open them. But it will still display your thanks to them.

And if the free sample I saw is any indication, people are going to love 'em.

I just finished writing some e-Thanksgiving cards to everyone I kept up with by saving their PayPal e-mail notifications. Since this is Thanksgiving Eve, it seemed appropriate somehow.:slight_smile:

There were 44, but I have this “angst” that I forgot someone and if I did, please know it wasn’t intentional and send me an e-mail or pm. PLEASE! Y’all know how seriously I take everything (“Drama King”, that’s me!;)) so if I did, let me know and I’ll make it right, okay?

Everybody got a different message. That was very important to me, but if you saw a card in your e-mail from Bill Craig (my real name) and choose not to open it, just delete it and you will NOT hurt my feelings. I understand there are some folks who get spammed by those things and it’s fine.

Any misspellings, don’t hold them against me, okay? I wrote the word “gratefuk” a few times, and I think I caught 'em all, but if I didn’t, just overlook it, I was NOT trying to be funny.

So… Happy Thanksgiving from the Quasi’s!:slight_smile:

Sorry, I just saw this, BigT and I am sorry that your family is facing the same thing I am, but you’re wrong about me not wanting to thank you. Everyone who kept me in their thoughts is important to me and I am grateful to all Dopers, whether or not they were able to help.

So thanks, Dude! :slight_smile:


Happy Thanksgiving, Quasi. Thank you.

NP, olivesmarch4th, and yup, I’ve been at it again. Went to the orginal thread and matched your SDMB names and e-mails with those I used to send the cards yesterday.

I think I’m done and it’s been a “labor of love”, believe me. :slight_smile:

Was I crazy to have thanked everyone again?

Well yeah!

I’m demented, remember??? :wink: