Does Apple block R-Rated films from playing on the iPhone?

It appears that Apple has blocked an app from the iPhone because it contained nudity:

The app sounds like it showed naked women, like what many R-rated films show, and not hardcore sex or anything like that.

Does that mean one cannot watch an R-rated movie with nudity on an iPhone, without rooting it or some other hack?

Is this just a difference between the app store (where the applications come from) and iTunes (where the movies come from)?

I’m not sure, but you can see plenty of nudity on the Internet, which my iPhone can access.

Nope. In fact, the only movie I have on my phone is rated “R.”

They’re probably holding apps to a higher standard than video files or internet, simply because they have approval of all apps. For one thing, it gives the impression that they’re officially stamping their approval on naked ladies. :smiley:

I’d like to stamp my approval… nah, too easy.

This is similar to when they blocked a NIN app, because it featured a song with dirty words. Of course, that exact same song could be bought on iTunes and put on your iPhone. Apple eventually backed down and allowed the app.