Does bad singing cause rain?

This isn’t a GQ.

Around here it is common to hear someone, in the event of heavy rain, jokingly ask someone else if they’ve been singing. This is because of the idea that bad singing causes rain, although no-one believes this to be literally true.

Is this a common belief in other parts of the world too, or just here?

Does your area have other ridiculous ideas like this?

Never heard it.

And where is “here”?

If only there waas a way to find a person’s location with only one click…

Alas, we’ll never know.

There are a lot of Newarks out there, although one would think NJ.

I never heard of the bad singing bit.

As a Jersey guy, I was wondering if it was Delaware or England as I had never heard it at all.

Yeah, if it’s NJ both sides of my family are from North Jersey (and I go up there frequently) and I’ve never heard of this.

And if it’s DE, I went to college near Philly (close to DE) and never heard it there, either.

No, it doesn’t.

But random, loud, tuneless whistling is strongly associated with kick-the-whistler’s-ass syndrome.

I was born in Newark NJ, and I’ve never heard of this.

I have never heard of that in Britain; but I shouldn’t affirm that no peasants here 150 years ago didn’t jocosely make such rustic humour.

One reference to this that I’m familiar with is Cacofonix from the Asterix comics. There was an entire issue centered around the concept. Apparently there is some old French saying along these lines.

Given the connection of bad singing and rain, I’m guessing Seattle.

Never heard it before. Mostly what I’ve heard is that washing your car causes rain.

Never heard of bad singing causing rain, but I know that if you kill a spider, you’ll make it rain.

For me, hanging laundry on the line and then going out for a few hours usually does the trick.

It can’t rain all the time

Bad singing can make me cry. That creates a small localized form of rain.

I’ve heard of rain dancing. Not the singing thing though.

Never heard this. Who told you this? A parent when you were a kid?

Heh. MY singing causes desertification.

If you’re lucky, you get rain.

:: waves ::
Delaware Man here (My not-so-secret identity); Yes, we have some (LOTS!) rain here. Yes, there’s been some singing - Maybe we’re to blame? :stuck_out_tongue: