Does Beef Based Matzoh Ball Soup Exist?

Well, yeah - it’s not like the Kitchen Police would stop me if I tried it - but I was wondering if anyone else had had the notion and possibly put it into practice.

If you’re totally goy I expect the fat used to make the dumplings doesn’t matter. I suppose if you’re angling towards kosher style you could use rendered beef fat.

Anyone try this?

I’ve made matzo balls, simmering them in water, then saving them to add to miscellaneous soups.

My sister gave me a couple of boxes of matzoh ball mix that came with a “soup packet” that was supposed to make the broth to cook them in.

As near as I could tell, there was nothing in that packet that had ever been near a chicken (or any other animal, for that matter, with the possible exception of a human harvesting parsley.) It seemed to be mostly MSG, salt, and spices. I tossed it out and made some chicken soup to cook the matzoh mix in (the mix itself seemed fine.)

I’d think they’d taste a bit different if you cooked them in beef stock, and different yet if you used lamb, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Try it and let us know!

I had never heard of such a thing but why the hell not? I googled up a recipe that actually looks pretty good.

Think I’ll give it a try this “weekend” (my days off usually fall between Monday and Thursday, they move around between those) and let you know how it goes.

I think I would enjoy beef pho with matzo balls.

OK, I tried this, replacing all chicken items with their beef equivalents, and the verdict is…

Pretty good.

I could probably tweak it just a bit but it makes a good beef soup as well as a good chicken soup.