Does Cabrini Green still exist?

Hi, does the Camini Green housing development still exist? What is it like?

It was called Cabrini Green and the area is now being actively developed.

Cite: I drove though the heart of Cabrini yesterday and only one building within a block if clybourn and division is more than 15 years old.

Yep. The last building of Cabrini Green was demolished three years ago (it was pretty much between Larabee and Halsted, just north of Division). The area now would be unrecognizable to anyone familiar with it from 15 or more years ago. There’s new construction townhomes on the south side of Division, with units ranging in price from about $250K-$1M+.

If the OP is interested in a good look at Cabrini Green at its nadir, the movie Candyman has about an hour shot around and in the buildings. Terrifying setting even without the horror aspects.

Oh, and it has some great nude work by Virginia Madsen, too, which is a plus.

I live not far from the area. It is a PLEASURE to drive through! No traffic, no congestion, lots of wide open space. Of course that won’t last long, but for now, it is the nicest place to drive in the city if you hate traffic.

I understand they’re going to extend a three-level loop of Wacker Drive around it. Mobius designed it decades ago.