does Canada have a swiss colony/figis equivalent?

does Canada have a swiss colony/figis equivalent?

for those that’s never heard of either both places sell meats sausages snacks and such in gift boxes and the like but neither ship to Canada and we have relatives in Canada and would like to send them something …

I’d include links but might count as spam …

Hickory Farms might meat your needs.

yeah I looked there too but they don’t have a payment plan

Well, strictly speaking, your GQ got answered within six minutes! So dude (or dudette as the case may be), ask Does Canada have a swiss colony/figus with a payment plan, too.:stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by payment plan? In my mind, that refers to installment or layaway plans, both of which seem unlikely for sausage, or even cheese.

Well you can get gift baskets at the Hudson’s Bay Company - and look for gourmet gifts. HBC is big enough they might have the type of payment plans you’re looking for.

Just put it on a credit card…bingo, payment plan! Pay it off or don’t, as you prefer!

You want to order a gift from another country, to be delivered in Canada, and you want to pay by instalments? That’s a bit if a tall order don’t you think? What’s the Canadian retailer supposed to do exactly, after they deliver and you fail to make the payments? Pursue you overseas?

This is why there are credit cards!

Wishing you Good Luck!

There’s also for gift baskets, but I doubt they have a payment plan either (depending on what is meant by that).

You can get an account with a line of credit at Swiss Colony or Figi’s that allows monthly payments.

Santa’s Choice is a Canadian service that offers the kind of layaway plan you’re asking for. However, you’re way overdue for this year: Christmas baskets had to be paid off by October. I suggest the sites others have listed above, or just Amazon Canada.