Does "Color Therapy" Work?

Another amusing new industry-the use of color to improve your mood, lift your finances, and generally improve your life! I saw a book that my library just purchased-and it is chock-full of how the right colors can help you!
For example, if you are a restaurant owner, having “warm” colors in the dining room will encourage your customers to eat more/buy more food!
Or, if you have a factory, the right colors will help your workers work harder, etc.
Is this all a bunch of hogwash? Will painting my bedroom walls red help me to avoid depression?
Anyboy ever tries color therapy? What were YOUR results?:cool:

Actually, painting your bedroom walls red is supposed to, uh, stimulate you, if you know what I mean… :wink:

I haven’t tried colour therapy, and honestly I’m a bit doubtful. It seems like a pop-psychology trend right now (along with aromatherapy). It’s interesting to read about though, at least as a time waster.

(speaking as a person who adores purple, and detests yellow, if that says anything about herself. ;))