does Fedex or any other business offer a "dropbox" service with a temporary address?

so basically can you have a parcel shipped to “Dropbox Inc” that would sign for it and then hand it over to you when you show up in their office, in the process of time? To figure out who the parcel is actually for, maybe they could just use a combination of Fedex order number and the name of the sender, which the recipient knows and other people don’t know.

Are such things done? Or were they done in the past but now got abolished by federal regulations?

I think the problem with such an idea is that possibility for abuse by people using stolen credit card data. If you regularly need to receive such packages, either have them sent to your office address, or establish an account with a UPS Store franchise or similar other business.

Edited to add that Fedex does offer a “Hold at FedEx Location” service, wherein the package will wait for you at the Fedex depot.

Can’t FedEx have you pickup at a FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos)? UPS has what used to be Mailboxes Etc., now called The UPS Store.

In any case, UPS offers this service. FedEx Ground has something they call “Alternate Address Pickup.”

I have used this a number of times when on trips and not in one location for more than a day or two - worked fine. Never had a FedEx agent question this.

I know repairmen who find it more convenient to pick up their “overnight spare parts orders” at the FedEx depot every day than to have said parts delivered to their office.
No worry about having to be present at the office to sign for the parts, no security worries about having parts left at the front door… just drop by the depot between running from Customer A to Customer B in the morning.
This is quite normal.

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Code Grey, how long do you need these items held for?