Does Fox News have an electoral prediction map?

I’m looking for the most partisan/McCain-biased map I can find that has a veneer of credibility to it. I figured Fox News would be the best source, but I can’t seem to find one on their site. Am I missing a link or have they decided not to have one this year? If they don’t can anyone suggest something similar?



3BlueDudes has one of the most comprehensive “site of sites” listings, showing the Obama / McCain predictions for an astonishing array of predictive sites. I don’t think there are any remaining that predict a McCain win but a few holdouts still have McCain just a few electoral points behind.

EDIT: one site “Spin Cycle” has it down as a tie

Of course, that’s as of September 23, when McCain’s numbers were looking a lot better than they are now.

Thanks for the links.

Am I wrong or did Fox have such a map at one time?
ETA: oh, on 3BlueDudes, what do the letters stand for? L, R, M, and AC? I’m guessing Left, Right, and probably Moderate – but what about AC?

“academic”, I think but I’m not sure.