Does Gaelic repel mosquitoes?

My vision is not all it’s cracked up to be – corrected to 20/20 but with a mild astigmatism, and since I’m nearsighted I often post without my glasses.

But that results in some misreading of thread titles. And after doing a doubletake and rereading the title – correctly this time – I’m amused at the implications of the goofy thread title that I thought was there.

The most recent example:

A thread whose title differs from one letter from the title of this thread has been on the main menu as the last post in CSR – and twice I’ve read it as what I titled this thread. And I was thinking, “Yeah, a few good curses in Irish, and the little bugs will take right off!” :slight_smile:

Anyone else have this sort of silly problem?

My vision’s about 20/15 and I make those errors on occasion.

Now, I thought your thread was going to be about how the oppressive summer in NC isn’t yet over, and how Skull Digger had gotten truly well and fed up with all those bloodsucking … insects, and had cursed them out in Gaelic and WHOOSH they left like a flock of birds after a gunshot.

And I thought to myself “Only on the SDMB would that combination of factors enter into a story.” So thanks a whole heaping lot for EMBARASSING ME!

Only now I shouldn’t put the fact that I’m mostly joking in subscript because then you might miss it and there you’d think I was mad at you.

This must be in the running for most fucking non sequitur post in the history of online communication. Decades from now, internet anthropologists will come upon this and wonder if I happened upon some previously-unknown substance that caused some serious brain trauma:D

But we all know that you did happen on such a substance – one that fizzes from the top! :smiley:

It was a very gentle clubbing, really…