Does Gingrich scare you?

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Gingrich to Run for President

I can brush off Trump, Buchanan, and others, but Gingrich? Errrrm…do Republicans miss the party of yesteryear?

Here’s a current poll that gives Trump the lead (wtf!) but it’s too early to tell.

He doesn’t scare me as anyone who could be a serious challenger to Obama. He would scare me if ever actually got any power again. Gingrich is a has-been, though. It isn’t 1994 anymore.

Two divorces, numerous infidelities, deadbeat dad, multimillion dollar book deals that don’t bear close scrutiny (follow the money), recent convert to Catholicism, etc.- there’s no way he could get the religious right and he has way too many skeletons in his closet to get anywhere close to the nomination. He’d be torn apart by the Democrats.

Does Gingrich scare you?

Well, he turned me into a newt…

I got better.

He did not… :slight_smile:

Gingrich-era Republicans scare me. I’m wondering how he’s going to shape the race (if at all). The current contenders (save RP, who is not “Republican” enough for most) are, well, sort of silly.

If “yesteryear” = “Reagan Admin,” Hell, yeah, they do!

Their memories of Reagan are largely distorted, though. Reagan was a socialist by their current standards.

Even a losing candidate can shift the party (look at Howard Dean). I was hoping that RP would be the hey-government-get-out-of-my-personal-life shift in the GOP, but now I wonder.

Gingrich does not scare me. I suspect I’d be very comfortable with his economic and foreign policy. Pretty sure he won’t turn out to be a gun grabber. I probably won’t like his social agenda, but it is also unlikely to affect me in any material way.

Yes, yes, he does. I can’t help noticing the congruence between his resurgence in the GOP and a second serious threat of Government Shutdown. I’ve been argued down on this, but it still tickles the back f my brain.

I think that Gingrich is a man of no scruples, and he causes others to act from fear rather than principle. He styles himself a negotiator, but he’s actually just a threat machine.

The religious right doesn’t vote for candidates. They vote against candidates. If the choice is Gingrich or Obama, they will vote for Gingrich.

The religious right is not the type of bloc that will just stay home.

That wouldn’t necessarily make someone a bad president, though. I am not sure that he’s the type of liar George W. was, or the kind of pushover that George Senior was.

My measurement of current Republicans is whether they would have invaded Iraq if they were president in 9/11. That was the biggest, most wasteful and destructive unforgivably awful decision made by a president in decades. I don’t think Gingrich would have invaded Iraq.

He only scares me in that the country doesn’t need to go backwards. Even though his agenda was only 15 years ago, it’s hopelessly outdated now. Retread politicians are like your grandmother trying to do hip-hop. It’s sad, pathetic and laughable.

Given that he was Speaker when the GOP balanced the budget and passed welfare reform (among other things), no, he doesn’t scare me. Sounds like much of what we need now.


I’m pretty sure I could take Gingrinch in a fight, but as long as he doesn’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing.

Gingrich himself doesn’t scare me, as he’s a has-been. But the fact that a has-been like Gingrich can be taken seriously does scare me.

His multiple divorces, infidelities, etc., don’t make a difference to Republican voters, by the way. You see, he’s really, really sorry for it, and won’t do it again, and that’s all that counts. I mean, when was the last time any of that stuff ever hurt a Republican candidate?

Didn’t he and literally every other Republican vote against the spending bill that balanced the budget?

The budget got balanced in the 1990s for three reasons: (1) the internet; (2) Gorbachev; and (3) sensible budgeting including PAYGO rules.

The GOP did not invent the internet (Al Gore did!). And they did not win the Cold War (or, at the very least, Newt Gingrich had nothing to do with it). So we’re left with who gets credit for the Clinton-era budgets.

It is true that the critical budget in 1993 got no GOP support. The alternative they supported would have tried to cut $355 billion in spending, including over $100 billion in entitlement cuts, and would not have raised taxes. So it was both a political dead-end, and would not have reaped the revenue benefits of the booming late-90s economy like Clinton’s budget did.

So Shodan is wrong. Newt played very little role in balancing the budget in the 1990s. To be fair though, neither did the Democrats. Most of the surplus is attributable to post-Cold War defense cuts and the booming economy. Whoever you think is responsible for those (and I think no American politician was), it was not Newt Gingrich.

I think he lacks the charisma to be a serious candidate. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him take the VP slot. Personally he’s obnoxious, and his politics suck, but he’s a brilliant political strategist.

As long as he doesn’t take his shirt off, then no, he doesn’t.