Does Google hate the French?

Go to type in “French military victories” then hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Why would they do this? Someone should send them le bomb nuetron.

I could try to pretend this sort of thing was kind of funny the first seventy-nine thousand times, but to pretend it was funny subsequent to that would truly strain either my credibility or everyone else’s credulity.

Well I found it funny! (and I am on the frenchie’s side re:war in iraq)

It may be ‘old’ but it was the way they said it - “Did you mean: french military defeats

I thought it was pretty funny. I still do.

It’s not like it’s not true or anything. :wink:

Damn, that was funny!

I would think it was funny too, if Google didn’t claim to be the premier search engine on the web. What if I am really looking for information on French military victories? Google has no place making jokes at what may be a real search.

Well, there was that time a short little fellow named Napoleon Bonaparte conquered practically all of mainland Europe.

Then don’t press “I’m feeling lucky”.

If you were really looking for information on FMVs then you could hit the ‘search’ button.
I suspect google’s message was accidental and not meant to be funny - the reason I suspect this is Google probably has a database of words or phrases - it probably searched it’s databases and found that there were far more occurences of “french military defeats” than “french military victories” so it suggested the user meant the former.

It’s not Google. The URL of that page is not part of, and at the bottom of the page it says “This Parody is not sponsored or endorsed by Google.”

I thought it was funny too. Old joke, but an original way of telling it.

Never mind the ravings of the idiot (me).

Still pretty damn funny, though…

Relaxation, relief, and now amusement… what shall the day bring me next?


Napoleon wasn’t French, he was from Corsica. He also ended up losing all his gains within 10 years anyway. Thats like saying ‘Well, there was that time a nutty fellow named Adolf Hitler conquered practically all of mainland Europe’. For a few years he did.

I think that it’s sfucking hilarious:D

Maybe that’s why the french don’t like the U.S. We had to save their lands for them. I’m not hating on the French at all, mind. I just think that it’s funny that Europe in a whole on the most part criticizes the U.S. sticking our noses in other peoples business. Now they weren’t complaining when we did that for WWI and WWII were they.:stuck_out_tongue:

I seriously hope you are continuing the joke and you aren’t really that stupid. On the off chance that you are serious, however:

the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button just bypasses the search results page and takes you to whatever site would have been the first result listed. If you really want to search for “french military victories” just search for it!

No, I am really that stupid. I never use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and didn’t understand what it did. Sorry.

Of course that is no excuse. I could have just looked at the address bar to see I was no longer in Google.

Could we please not go there… again? I’m just saying this to spare Tamerlane another 1200-word post.

It seems, though, that there are a number of such “joke” “I’m feeling lucky” results. Try it with “weapons of mass destruction”.

Don’t beat yourself up about it Major Kong. I thought it was a genuine google page too.

The “weapons of mass destruction” one no longer works, as of earlier today. (It could come back, of course, search results are fluid things.) The link it went to prior was this: