Does HIV make you mean?

From the CDC:

So “non-reactive” means the EIA or ELISA test did not react to any antibodies, thus meaning there is no HIV detectable in your body, thus meaning you are HIV-negative.




Huh? What choice is mine? To be nice to a complete jerk who treats me and everyone else here like shit? I think not. If you were here you’d find that EVERY tenant thinks this guy is an insane prick.

Yeah, the hetero thing was badly put; just an attempt at a little joke. I think perhaps you saw that, but decided to pick at it anyway. I was trying to say that it wouldn’t bother me if everyone here were gay and HIV positive but of course I’d prefer that my SO would stay hetero.

I’m still glad you’re negative. So there!

All the infected guys I ever met were nice.

I know and have known quite a number of people living with HIV. In my experience, they run the gamut in personality types - just like everybody else. It sounds to me like you’re mostly mad that he leaves the gate open.

Regardless, the choice of whether or not to be nice back to him is yours. You can also avoid him altogether, hire a hit man to kill him, set a paper bag full of dog shit alight on his doorstop… the list goes on and on. But, like I said, jerk or not, he’s the one walking around with the life-threatening (and life-altering) disease. If nothing else, let him stand as a reminder to count your blessings.

And again I ask, what does being hetero have to do with HIV prevention? Your original implication seemed to be “heterosexual = HIV negative.” Was that intentional?