Does hot-pack canning of homemade sauerkraut destroy the pro-biotic benefits?

Say I let it ferment a good 6 weeks, brang it to a boil, sealed in 1-pint jars and into hot water and brought to boil for 10 minutes. This negates any pro-biotic things, right?

Thank You.

You get pro-biotic benefits from sauerkraut? Huhn. I did not know that.

I would guess that the processing destroys all living organisms, or close to, so yes the “pro-biotic” flora you captured during fermentation will be killed.

Why can it though? Who keeps sauerkraut around long enough for it to go bad?

Yes, you will kill off any good bacteria you have fostered if you do that.

This is a good point. In a properly cold fridge (36F) it will keep for weeks and week.