Does insurance cover injuries sustained in the commission of a crime?

I’ve never looked at the fine print of a health insurance policy. If I were injured during the commission of a crime (say, shot while robbing a 7-11) apprehended, and taken to a hospital, would my insurance cover the resulting hospital bills? Would it matter if I were ultimately convicted or exhonerated?

Mine has disclaimers/exclusion clause for injuries/death caused by acts of war, terrorist acttacks or criminal acts commited by the insured. The way I read it is that if you are charged with a crime you are not insured. If you don’t get convicted you can probably go back and challege thier decision. I’m certain that my insurance company would drag there feet on paying out a claim until well after the case was decided, most likely until I was dead.

Yep, that’s a standard disclaimer. Injuries sustained because of criminal activity by the insured are not covered. This also prevents other insurance companies from trying to subrogate if you injure one of their insureds while, for instance, you’re driving drunk. In the policies I’ve held and worked with (health, auto and homeowner) there’s usually a definition of “criminal activity” to mean felony. I’ve never seen a policy that requires a conviction for the denial to stand.

When I used to work insurance I always wondered why the companies covered claims arrising from underage drinking and illegal drug use, since those are clearly the result of criminal activity on the part of the insured. Never asked; kinda wish I had now. My WAG is that there’s some state or federal reg that requires it.

I wonder if Kaiser… :dubious:

Insurance companies are real pieces of work. You (your survivors) will not be paid if you were under the influence of anything when you die. So even if you’re sitting in your driveway, knocking a few back with your pals enjoying a long hard day of landscaping, and some suicidal lunatic goes on a shooting spree, tough luck. You will not be paid if you die during any life-threatening activity (eg skydiving). You will not be paid if die during an act of war. That’s why I’m curious if all those people would died during 9/11 received any benefit after Bush 41 declared it an act of war.

if you are refering to life insurance by the above, you are incorrect, and I will ask for a cite.
If you are claiming that an accidental death policy would not pay under the above conditions, you might be correct*. However accidental death policy != Life insurance.
*It would depend on the wording in the policy, life insurance policys are very standard in their wording, AD&D policys aren’t.

I am not familiar with any health insurance policy with that type of exclusion. I also checked with a rep who has been handling health plans for many years and he did not know of any such exclusion either.