Does Justin Timberlake sound like Eminem

I heard a new McDonalds commercial (song: “I’m Loving It”) yesterday and it sounded so much like someone imitating Eminem, I was shocked. Eminem and the big Em don’t seem very compatible. I was so curious, I went out on the web to look around, and it turns out it’s Justin Timberlake.

Now I’ve never actually heard Justin Timberlake, and kinda mentally categorized him with Brittany Spears or NSync, basically a twenty-first century New Kids on the Block type, which I just assume isn’t really my style of music.

Does he in fact sound something (or a lot) like Eminem?

I’ve always thought he sounds exactly like Michael Jackson.

I think he sounds like some arrogant annoying whiny brat.

Oh wait, I’m right.

I suppose in that they both have a sort of high pitched nasally voice, they sound similar.