McDonald's TV Commercial

There’s a recent McDonald’s commcercial with a rapper rapping and a singer then doing a little singing. The people, respectively, sound like Eminem and Justin Timberlake.

Does anyone know if either actually performed for the commercial?

(Sorry, I only heard most of the commercial, so I can’t describe what it looks like)

I’m hatin’ it! (And, sorry, I don’t know who performs the music.)

As far as I know it’s Justin Timberlake (shiver) rapping.

One of the annoying new McD spots shows joyful teenoids racing grocery carts. I didn’t see any disclaimers saying, “Do not attempt at home, or Do not steal grocery carts.” Not even “Professional teenoids on a closed course.” Just a clip of the joys of theft and vandalism. Not even a mention of head lice; “I’m lovin’ nits.”

Licking lips with a mouthful of McDonald’s crap does not look enticing in any way.