Does Laser hair removal work?

Has anyone had laser hair removal?

Did it work - how total was the hair ‘reduction’, ie: is there an annoying hair that always grows back no matter what?

How many sessions did it take - what was the cost, does it hurt?
Are armpits and bikini line more painful?

Would you recommend it?

Thanks in advance.

KellyM had it. After 3 passes, it removed permanantly at least 50% total in all areas and more in others. It would have cost more to have that many hairs professionally eletroysized away. The thinning out made home electrolysis much easier.

lee, was that comperable to what was advertised, or less? It doesn’t seem like as high a success rate as I see advertised.

It was as high as the scientific studies have shown. The kill rate was better than 50% in much of the area. We did not look at advertisements, just the science we could find. It was a costeffective part of the total hair removal plan. There is a chance that removal would be near total aftr more treatments, who knows?