Laser Hair Removal

I have really coarse, thick hair, and when I shave my armpits and bikini area, I get razor bumps. Therefore, I’m thinking about getting the laser hair removal treatments. Anyone have any experiences with this to share?

I want to get this done, too. My hair isn’t as course but my skin is so sensitive that I itch all day long after I shave and I get bumps along with shredded skin from itching. I can’t use lotion depilatories, they burn my skin… more itch with the nice fire feeling, yay :mad:.

From what I’ve heard laser hair removal is painless/a little painful, works in four to 6 sessions (so check prices, each treatment is pricey enough but multiply price with the number of times you need each treatment), and it not 100% effective but I tell you what, I’m still going to try it! It’s got to be better than shaving!

I have also tried waxing, buffing the hair away (OW! Not recommended), and different shaving creams for shaving. It always hurts and itches, and waxing does not work on me. I don’t like major pain and I guess I’m not doing it right but how can I when it hurts like hell? I’m going to try one more thing before I go to laser… I’m about to sell my eternal soul to the Dark One (or whatever evil god type being you believe in) and see if He’ll grant a hairless-from-the-neck-down body for me (perhaps He’ll throw in a trimmed, toned bod with no cellulite and semi if not full on immortality… yeah, I know, it gums up the works on the contract for my soul but it never hurts to ask).

If I don’t hear anything from Him, then laser is my last option. Keep your fingers crossed though :wink: .

It’s supposed to work best with dark hair against pale/white skin. Results will vary with other skin and hair types. You will need a few treatments since it only works on hair that is in the growth stage. And it’s expensive.

I don’t have experience per se, but I did have a consultation at a laser clinic.

Laser hair removal is NOT painless. The laser heats up the hair to the point of burning to kill the follicle. It hurts like hell, and the more it hurts, the better it’s supposed to work. I had six treatments on my back and neck and saw about 50% reduction. I wouldn’t recommend it based on my own results.

I am a pale brunette who has had 4 treatments which have resulted in about 90% reduction. Blondes, redheads or darker skinned people don’t make good laser hair removal candidates. Some disreputable places still try to treat them and usually end up scarring the poor people, so beware!
My clinic sells a numbing cream, Emla, for laser treatments at an additional cost. It works really well. My laser treatments feel like a sandblaster which results in a sunburn.
I picked my clinic by shopping around and interviewing using information I found at this website: I’ve spent about $250/session. If you have pale skin and dark hair, I suggest doing some research.