Does limiting Palin's media exposure give her a debate advantage?

Will Palin’s limited media exposure work out as an advantage in the vice-presidential debate? Is it plausible that the McCain team is limiting her exposure partly in an attempt to gain such an advantage?

It seems to me to be much more difficult to prepare to debate against an unknown opponent. It seems Palin will have a lot more information about Biden than he will about her, and she should in theory have a lot better ability to predict how he will answer some questions, both in content and in style.

It’s also conceivable to me that this is an intentional tactic. Limiting Palin’s exposure early may have been necessary while they worked the rough edges out of an inexperienced candidate, but I could see the McCain campaign continuing to keep her exposure limited in order to hold on to that preparation advantage, and to set the stage for Palin to really come out and surprise everyone with a strong performance in the debate and score big points for the republican campaign.

Supposedly they won’t be debating each others merits but issues of import to the voters.

No doubt she’s being heavily tutored. Whether that pays off I don’t know. So far she’s been ineffective except as comedy.

That would be a pretty risky tactic, considering all the back-lash coming her way for being so insulated. But, hey, they “suspended” their campaign, so riskiness is not something very new to them.

I would find it hard to believe that they planned that, just so she’d have an edge in the debates. Especially after the Couric interview – if ever there was a time for damage control, that was it – and practically nothing.

For one thing, what if she doesn’t come off well in the debate? All that maneuvering and protecting of her will only come off as having been worse than it is already being perceived.

I’m sure they’re hoping you’re right. But it would have been extremely foolhardy to put that sort of plan in action in the hopes that it would work.

Anyway, first you’re going to have to convince some of the more steadfast on the right that she’s even been isulated from the media. It’s been a pretty tough row to hoe around here lately.