Biden v. Palin Debate Oct 2.

I feel bad for Biden in this debate. Given his personality, I don’t see how he can win this thing. If he tries to be nice, he will come across as condescending. If he attacks, he will look like a mean, cranky old bastard who is picking on this nice, attractive mother of five.

Plus, Biden will probably have a “Democrat Wars” type of gaffe moment (just my opinion)

What strategy could he possibly use to “win” the debate?

Let’s say she has the most miserable performance imaginable–basically, she reveals her lack of understanding of several separate major issues, misspeaks herself, contradicts the party platform, McCain, herself, etc repeatedly, while Biden acquits himself well, behaves cordially towards her personally, and basically wipes the floor with her on all debating points. As close to a slamdunk debating win as Biden could possibly have.

Could Palin’s stock go up from such a debacle? Could she get so much sympathy, for being over-matched, for being a regular gal goin’ up against those smartass insiders and Beltway creeps (Biden and the moderator conspiring against poor pitiful her), and for just being so darned brave?

If not, what’s the biggest swing in Biden’s favor from an optimal debate? (In terms of what it does to increase the Dem’s % in national polls.) In short, what is the range of outcomes from a clear Biden victory in the debate?

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S.Palin is much like Hillary as regards being divisive. Minds are already made up; VP debates are jus’ preachin’ to the flock.

He could speak to the issues and ignore strategies around either attacking or patronizing her.

The debates are only going to persuade the currently undecided. Radical as it sounds, perhaps some of those are undecided because they actually want to look at issues.

The paranoia on this liberal board about what sorts of things could go wrong, and the bias expressed toward the Democrats disappoints me. It would be nice if the SDMB became a little less like the Daily Kos.


No. People who think that way are already predisposed to like her. The people she’s having trouble with are the ones who don’t think like that. (And the press, who are getting increasingly annoyed at their lack of access to her.)

I agree this is the best course of action. Not sure if he can pull it off.

If he can, he’s gonna walk out of that auditorium wiping blood and lipstick off his hands. :slight_smile:

Why whine when you can haul yourself off to a conservative-leaning message board?

Now there’s a winning argument. I find the “how is this going to go wrong?” attitude pretty annoying myself, although I think it’s endemic to Democrats and not to this board.

I think the conventional wisdom is one of expectations. Joe Biden, vicious attack dog, is expected to leave Palin gutted and swinging from a proverbial meat-hook. Palin, vapid air-head hockey-mom, is expected to swoon and pass-out the first time she’s forced to say “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

However, Biden isn’t as vicious as all that, and Palin isn’t as vapid as all that.

So, in my estimation, I’d say as long as Palin doesn’t pee herself on stage and Biden doesn’t snap and call her a “cunt” or something, it will be the usual:

Democrats: Biden killed her.
Republicans: Palin smoked him.
I personally think Biden will do better point by point. He just has more knowledge of the issues than she does. But I think Palin’s writers are going to supply her with enough material to pull off a couple of zingers. Her personality will go a long way.

How many debates are scheduled anyway? A second debate is usually juicier.

Three for the presidential candidates, but only one for the running mates.

Just one.

I watched a couple of debates Palin had in Alaska, and she did quite well in them. But she’s quite knowledgeable on Alaskan issues. I don’t know how she’ll fare when she’s out of her comfort zone. My guess is that she’ll offer up a couple of cringe-inducing generalities instead of serious answers.

On the other hand, I think it’s likely that Joe will stick his foot in his mouth again. And while Palin may not be as informed as she should be, she’s smart and very politically savvy, so if he gives her an opening she’ll jump on it.

The other factor is the moderator. Palin, like most Republicans, will face a moderator whose biases lay with the Democrats. We’ll see if this year (a year when the media has been more overtly partisan than ever before) the moderator can resist ‘targeting’ her with tough questions and ‘gotcha’ questions.

What was the last VP debate to make a difference?

Lloyd Bentsen wiped the floor with Dan Quayle.


Gwen Ifill is the VP Debate Moderator.

She moderates “Washington Week” on PBS, and it seems to me she stays nonpartisan. Anyone else have an opinion on her?

I agree 99.5%. The only thing here is that I don’t think there has ever been a candidate for VP that has been so ungualified and has given so little access, that it could reflect poorly on McCain.

But if she just appears competent, than it will have zero effect on the election.

She’ll do fine. She is certainly being given a serious cram session by McCain’s advisors at least sufficient to know the buzz words. Barring that there is always the tried-and-true political question deflecting. Just fall back on mumbling something about your support for the little guy or keeping us safe and that’s all it usually takes no matter what was asked.

If she insists on the bridge to nowhere and the drill our way out with Alaskan oil, she will look foolish. She will be trained to make stump speech responses. It will be like questioning a parrot.