Biden V. Palin watch-along thread

Anybody got any drinking ideas?

Take a drink whenever Palin says ‘you betcha’ or when Biden’s eyes get so small and squinty you can no longer see the whites.

Drink for each occurrence of: “Joe Sixpack” or “maverick.”

Each sighting of a flag pin = 1 drink.

I’m all set with coffee + Baileys. Let’s do this thing!

Drinking at RNC-style mocking digs would probably put y’all in the ICU. That’s my expectation of this.

Get drunk early so you don’t have to listen to platitudes, spin, set speeches, sound-bites, waffle and obfustication.

The level of electoral debate (both in the US and the UK) is depressingy pathetic.

If you’d like to see a persistent interview of a politician, watch Jeremy Paxman in action (of course the politician refuses to answer the question):

Let’s not let any passage of the words ‘Main Street’ go by without wetting our whistles.
P.S., I’m not drinking. I have to work tomorrow.

Take a drink every time DtC says something critical of Palin? Get the paramedics ready.

i’ve started on the popcorn. the cats have joined in.

Drink whenever Palin talks about her family instead of policy.

I don’t think you understand the game.

Every time Palin stumbles over her words, or is incoherent.

Every time Biden says something patently stupid or historically inaccurate.

Oh, wait, either one of those would have everyone in the emergency room inside of five minutes.

I’m hoping Biden can take a SNL dig at Palin. “While I respect the governor, I don’t think she’s ready for prime time.”

Take a drink every time Palin says something critical of DtC?

There you go. “Arugula-eating, Chablis-sipping, INTERNET LIBERALS!”

I am sure DtC will be posting during the debate. I am sure that his comments will be very one-sided. So I am just having a dig.

No, I am not a Palin supporter - she scares the hell out of me.

I’m really looking forward to this debate for exactly these reasons. I don’t even think that either side is hoping for a win. This debate is going to be all about not being as bad as the other candidate.

Twenty some minutes to go. Bring on the wackiness!

What tipped you off? :smiley:

I’m also just having a dig.


You know, I could really use some bloviating talking heads on PBS right now to give some pre-debate spin or something. Watching some crusty guy drill holes into joists is really not putting me in the right frame of mind. (“Frame” - get it? Har har.)

I’m not a drinker, so instead I plan to play Bingo

What a weird name. Brittany Perez.

You could always watch Fox News. O’Reilly is on and you really can’t get much more bloviaty talking heady than that.

CNN has their panel of what appears to be several hundred talking heads. Unemployment is really going to jump when this election ends.