Poll: Who's hotter, Palin or Biden?

Okay I am female and heterosexual, so naturally you might presume that I would automatically pick Biden as the hotter of the two. But truth be told, I read Cosmo and Glamour so I feel I’m pretty well qualified at judging the hotness of a chick. While Palin might be hot, Biden sizzles. I never thought so until tonight’s debate.*

*And this has nothing to do with the fact that she says “nukular”.

So take sexuality out of the equation: Who’s hotter, Palin or Biden?

Straight guy.

Biden is actually remarkably good looking, at least on camera.

Palin is… kind of a cross between the stripper-teacher from Varsity Blues and a realtor. Soulless but fuckable.

The first question should have been will you turn around and let America check your butt.? She wore me down. She got uglier and uglier ,and now I don’t like her anymore.

I have to think about the consequences of my actions here. Palin is apparently pretty fertile. Yeah she’s kinda hot in her own way, but what if she gets pregnant and the kid looks like me and talks like her? He’d be doomed from the get go.

BTW anyone notice the student with the “MILF 08!” sign before the debate. :smiley:

It’s hard to even think of someone who has so little respect for human life–i.e., people–i.e., me and you–as anything but a monster. She’d handcuff you to your bed to force you to carry your fetus to term, even if you’re a fourteen-year-old whose been raped by her grandfather. She’d jail the doctor who would help you safely, and then jail you if you turn to the backalley butcher that her policies would put in business. She’d fix our educational system so that, in a generation or two, the US would be, like, the Taliban, but without healthcare.

Yeah, that’s hot. :rolleyes:

There’s nothing much about Palin’s looks that couldn’t be improved significantly with a ball gag, tear streaks and 90% of her body covered in welts.

Biden’s a hottie and I bet he and his wife tear it up when the kids aren’t around! :stuck_out_tongue:

Straight guy.

Biden, for his age, is a very good looking guy. His smile is so winningly perfect I think it is actually a liability for him. It’s too good that it puts people off.

Palin is a total MILF. I know people use that as a snark against her but all partisanship aside she is still a MILF.

I hate her but I’d fuck her in a heartbeat (assuming I was single).

Dude is like a Colgate commercial.

In this picture, he looks like an actor. Perhaps playing a judge.

Except, his hair is like, flesh colored. How weird is that?

Palin, of course. Biden looks like Peter Boyle, whom I’ve always seen as Frankenstein’s monster no matter the film, thanks to his turn in Young Frankenstein.

All teeth and flesh-colored hair!

Is neither a vote? They both look boring as hell. Seriously.

Go away. There is no need to turn every thread in to an abortion debate, especially since you seem fundamentally incapable of recognizing that there might be another side to the issue. Actually, since this is the Pit, I’m just going to say it: you’re deliberately trolling.

Vox Imperatoris

ETA: I never though Palin was very hot nor Biden, for that matter.

Biden looks remarkably like Clu Gulager. He was great in westerns in the yonder years.

I had a honking crush on Clu. He was a hottie and then some.

Sorry to rub your nose in the truth. Please put me on ignore.

Since this is the pit, I’m going to jump right in and say fuck you. The question is who is hotter, lissener clearly judges a person’s sex appeal based on whether or not they’re a monster. That’s fair enough. He finds her morally repugnant, and as such, can’t see what would be attractive about her. This isn’t a poll in IMHO, limited only to simple answers, and there’s no reason he can’t answer with an honest response.

Anyway, I think Biden is hot–I think he’s physically handsome, but I also love to listen to him in the senate. Yes, I watch CSPAN-2, and yes, I always pay attention when he speechifies. It’s something about the timber of his voice, maybe. I don’t know. All I know is, I like to listen to him talk.

I’m glad Biden didn’t do this tonight. Palin might have thought it was moose season.

A strong, smart, sensitive man who can sometimes be his own worst enemy?

Or a harpy, pseudo-woman who doesn’t function better than a Chatty Cathy who just repeats the same things over and over in a voice that would grate on the soul of Satan?

I’ll pick Biden.

But heaven help me, I like Palin’s hair.

Her hair or her hairstyle? Because her hair is fine, but she’s got hideous hairstyles to me.

Yes, well the male gender does not study Cosmo or Glamour to determine attractiveness. The process involves no thinking, but rather an involvement in the level of lust. Palin’s got “it”. If she weren’t married to the First Dude, I’d be giving the thought of banging her priority in my daydream queue.