Predict: Likelihood Palin will show for the debate?

I’m calling it 50/50. I think there is a very good chance there will be some “emergency” in Alaska that requires the governor’s presence (something really serious, like a cabinet member failing a loyalty test or something). McCain’s bullshit last week might have been a trial balloon to see how much backlash he would get.

Yes, everyone except **Shodan **would see through this ploy and recognize it for the stunt it is, but they may decide that whatever damage it does is less than what they face if she goes to the debate.

Are you kidding?

Cramps are real and Midol doesn’t always help.

I was wondering this myself. I was thinking more along the lines of – hey, let’s all guess at what bullshit they’ll come up with to get her out of it.

My cynical side says there will be a Down-Syndrome baby emergency. No way to criticize that without suffering the full wrath of the HannityLimbaughCoulterMalkin.

Although I wouldn’t be surprized if they just came out with “flu”.

All in all, though, I think they’ll pump her full of Xanax and trot her out there, come what may. There’s no way the Republican’s would survived if the axed her debate appearance … outside of a corpse being produced somewhere.

I think the debate will go on, but it’ll be Tina Fey up there instead. Tell me the campaign management hasn’t at least joked about it.

100%. Hell, I’ll even bet a mooseburger on it. Now as to who’ll come out shining and tarnish free, that’s a different story.

I’m going to say the odds are 1.01 to 1 that she shows.

She’ll show up. Even Shodan would see through her cancelling stunt.

I just hope she doesn’t win hearts and minds by spouting a bunch of jingoistic platitudes. I know I’ll be disappointed on that, though.

I’m going with 100%. Showing up and just parroting talking points would be far less damaging than not showing up, even if she looks like she has no idea what’s going on.

Also, any reason this is in the Pit?

Just anticipating where it would end up anyway. If you disagree, feel free to move.

Of course she’ll show up. Have you not been paying attention this week? They’ve decided their story-line: “gotcha journalism”. That big, bad moderator and that nasty Joe Biden will beat up on poor, widdle Sarah–did you know one of her kids has Down’s and another one bears the gift of new life?–even though the moderator has pre- prepared questions and Biden isn’t a journalist.

She’ll show. She’ll respond in sound bites and snark (think about her speech at the GOP–it was mostly snark on Obama and pithy lil sayings about her David and Goliath story). I doubt very much she’ll truly answer a question, but most pols don’t directly answer questions.

Those who support her will consider just her showing up enough. Those who don’t will continue to vilify her. I think after her appearance with Katie and John she’s dead meat in the water, but she’ll show for the debate.

The birth of a truly great mixed metaphor. I am so going to use that.

Given that her job in this election is to show up and get McCain votes, not showing up would not look good. Might even get her kicked out of the campaign.

Decisions, decisions…

:smack: Oh, well–it made sense to me at the time! :slight_smile:

If at first you don’t succeed at getting a debate cancelled, try, try again.


The other 1% accounts for hurricanes, or a complete crash of the stockmarket, or a terrorist attack.

I’m 99.37% sure the debate will go on as planned, yet I wouldn’t be shocked if her poor daughter went into early labor.

No, no. Be proud. It’s a good one. :slight_smile:

Since you are taking my name in vain…

How about a wager? If Palin does not show up for the debate, I will vote for Obama. If she does, you vote for McCain. (If they cancel the debate for reasons outside anyone’s control, the bet is off.)

What do you say?


She’ll show.
She’s not smart enough to run away.

She’ll show. Her not showing up would be a bigger blow to McCain’s campaign than if she showed and was solidly trounced.