Does Marmite exist?

A lot of people have told me about this substance, and described its flavor to me (or tried to) but I wonder if they’re trying to pull one over on gullible old me. It sounds frankly disgusting, and it seems to me much likelier that it never existed in the first place but gullible people like me have bought into it for so long, without any scientific basis for thinking it is actually real, that the legend of Marmite has sprung up without having actually existed.

I like marmite. A lot. I’d like to try the new extra-aged, extra strong variety.

I like vegemite too.

They’re both like salty beef drippings. What’s not to like?

Well, for one thing, the ancient, eldritch evil of the stuff has been known to make strong men wish for the sweet embrace of madness. The Marmite Horror - The BBQ Pit - Straight Dope Message Board

ETA: I wouldn’t expect anyone who can chew through a solid neutronium hull to object to that sort of thing, of course, but most people find it disagreeable.

Yes, I know self-promotion is poor form. I blame the Marmite.

Word: Cthulhu doesn’t really have tentacles, those are all xmex-like protruberances.

[sub]Haven’t seen Cthulhu in a while, he missed the last few family reunions.[/sub]

When Airman’s cousin was dating an Australian, they brought a jar of Vegemite to Christmas dinner. It was opened. The Vegemite was so evil-smelling, I couldn’t bring myself to try it. (I also don’t like very salty food, which doesn’t help.)

peers into almost-empty jar of marmite

My marmite is about to not exist anymore :frowning:

I think Marmite* and peanut butter are mutually-exclusive.

[sub]*[Mar|Vege|Pro]mite, actually. Any of the 'mites.[/sub]

I am a big fan of marmite, but it is important to note that it ONLY tastes good in the right quantities.

It tastes good spread lightly on toast with lots of butter (melted of course by the hot toast)

It tastes ok as a sandwich filling (although I haven’t had a marmite sandwich since I was a kid)

It tastes good as a sort of topping for cheese on toast.

But on it’s own it’s quite strongly bitter and unpleasant to taste.

In that case, welcome back to humanity. :smiley:

Heh, not only does it exist but it even gets dragged into politics To wit: Marmite v. BNP Now with added lawyers and stuff!

As has been said, you wouldn’t want to be spreading it thick like, e.g., peanut butter, but used sparingly it’s good. It can also be used to help flavour soups or stews.

And of course, it’s one of those trick foods where you cannot tell how much, if any, you have left of it merely by glancing at the jar because the jar is brown anyway. Oh yes, it’s sneaky that way. :frowning: I mean, with something like jam, you can tell at a glance, while you scribble notes and head for the shops. But Marmite (and all its cousins) no, nothing so helpful. :smiley:

Why am I clueless about the purpose of this thread, even after 11 posts? And why is it in the Pit of all places?


Marmite biscuits

7 quart Marmite Chafer

Let us know what you think of it, prrr.

Marmite = tasty AND economical. My roommate and I used to go through peanut butter like crazy. No such problem with marmite! We both loved it, but you only need a very little bit.

I made marmite flapjacks last weekend.

To ascertain the existence of a debatably pit-worthy substance.

Because prr forgot that parodies only make sense if you know what’s being parodied.


I’m unclear on the difference between Marmite and vegemite, but can attest to the vile existence of vegemite. What the heck is Promite?

Just a WAG but I was led to believe the difference between Marmite and Vegemite was nothing more than branding.

Whatever the OP’s intentions, what we’ve ended up with here is a thread about the pros and cons of Marmite and associated food-like products. As such, I’m booting it out of the Pit and over to Cafe Society.