Does Mel Gibson know Jesus was a Jew?

I mean, he was the “king of the jews” wasn’t he?

One would assume Mr. Gibson knows that, yes.

Yeah. But he WAS a Jew. Then he saw the light and he was saved.

Wait no. Er…killed…uh…


If there’s one thing that history has shown us, it’s that Jesus being Jewish has done precisely dick to stop millions of Jews from being killed by Christians.

And doesn’t Mel claim to love Jesus?
Does he know Jesus was a dude?
Does that make Mel Gibson gay?

This means that Mr. Gibson thinks that Jesus has started all the world wars. :o [sup]Or maybe not.[/sup]

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Depends who you ask. Speaking as a Jew, no.

Does Mel Gibson know Jesus was a Jew?
I think he’ll pick up the melody if you hum a few bars for him. The tune is very similar to “Whistle While You Work,” I think.

Kinky Friedman does.


“She turned me into a Jew!”

“A Jew?”

“I got better. . . .”

Well, the Road Warrior kinda implied it.

found the lyrics:
Jesus was a Jew
So whatcha ya gonna do
When your bias
Towards Jews, my yes,
Has now gone askew?

Your Lord was a Kike
Whom you must dislike–
You drunken fool,
Don’t break the rule
Of that great third reich!

Christ was a Hebe-brew
And his mother too
So can you tell
Me, brilliant Mel,
What would that make you?

0kay, I made 'em up

I thought the epithet “King of the Jews” was one applied to him by Herod and the Romans–not him or his followers. Is this wrong?

Gibson was drunk when he made his infamous comments, so who knows what he thought at the time?

The anti-Semitism that permeated pre-WWII Germany had more to do with economics (the perception that the Jews controlled certain aspects of the economy, such as banking) than with anger that the Jews killed Jesus.

His father is a notorious anti-Semite, FWIW. Cite. Many jews believed The Passion of the Christ to be anti-Semitic.

Of course, no one knows what he truly believes, but I do not find it unreasonable to assume that he was speaking from the heart.
in vino veritas and such.

You’re one of them Romans, aintcha?

I’ve heard all that, and I have no trouble believing Mel himself is an anti-Semite. I was trying to address what he “knows.” When he’s sober, he’s probably aware that Jesus was Jewish. When he’s drunk off his ass, who knows?