Does military leave apply to someone who decides to join military while employed?

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There was an effort a few years ago I read about where the military was trying to work with civilian credentialing bodies to try to make it so more MOSes resulted in people who fit the criteria for certification in closely related civilian fields, I’m not sure if much ever came of it or not, but it was a recognized problem.

The military has an active program to help separating servicemen or women figure out how to translate their military training and skills into civilian workforce credentials. Also, many (if not all) states have programs designed to facilitate credentialing and licensing for former military who acquired relevant skills and knowledge, and to convert applicable training into course credit toward certificates and degrees.

It’s @Hampshire 's friend that believes that the employee quitting will get double dipped, not the employee quitting.

I’m sure that the company will clarify, unless the Friend is the one in charge of making the determination of the quitting employees termination benefits.