Does one need a hunting license to hunt bigfoot?

It’s been a while since I applied for a hunting license. I seem to recall that each species is addressed individually. Since I doubt bigfoot is listen in there, can I legally hunt it/them without a license or tags?

It could be argued that Sasquatch comes under the heading of “vermin.” If so, then you only need the land-owner’s permission.

If you are going to do some “active” hunting, it might be harder than that. Sure, you can get your buddy to let you sit on his porch all night with a shotgun (rural areas only please) but that might get a little old and I can tell you from experience, the chance of success is lower than you might think. If you get decked out in camo and start going through others property, you can definitely be busted for everything from trespassing to poaching, to hunting (something) without a license. Many a hunter has been put up on hard charges without actually having killed or even shot at an animal. I can’t speak for every state, but most game wardens operate under the assumption that if you look like you are hunting X, you are hunting X. Don’t think you are the first one to use the Sasquatch defense. It is a favorite of illegal bear hunters and game wardens rarely believe it.

Well, I actually mean the hypothetical of hunting bigfoot, not using it as an excuse to hunt bears. What if I had a hunting license, but no bigfoot tags, since such tags do not exist.

If I managed to kill a bigfoot, would I get in trouble for having no tags?

In some states, I’m not sure which, Bigfoot is a protected species, and it’s illegal to hunt and/or kill one.

Don’t forget a suitable fire arm.
Don’t forget the ammo.
Don’t forget a hunting license, just in case you run into the game warden.
Don’t forget the possiblility of being charged with M1 if you shoot bigfoot and he turns out to be a homo sapiens in disguise!

Scoped Mosin-Nagant, Wolf soft-point hunting rounds. I have the license, and I’d be careful not to shoot someone in disguise working on a bigfoot special for the History channel.

It is illegal to hunt and/or harass Bigfoot in Skamania County, Washington.


A search of the Skamania County Code confirms its existence. Unfortunately this ordinance is not codified.

Upon further review, it appears no state has protected Big foot, but, as Duckster points out, certain counties, such as Skamania and King Counties in Washington, have.
This article details protections for various cryptozoological animals around the world.

I dunno? :confused:

But if you go out hunting without a license and tell the game warden that you are only out there to hunt bigfoot, you’re gonna get this response :dubious:
and a ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did Winston Smith put you up to this? :dubious:

Bite your tongue, human.

Note the date of that resolution. :slight_smile:

I know that last year a hunter down in southern Illinois shot an elk (!) while not possessing an elk tag. The gist of it was that since the person had a valid hunting license, was on public land, and since Illinois does not recognize a native population of elk (so therefore does not issue elk tags) that the hunter was a-ok in shooting it as far as the DNR was concerned. They surmise it escaped from a game farm at some point.

I’d think that the same situation would apply to bigfeet. Keep in mind that most taxidermists charge by the inch, so mounting one is going to cost you a lot of money. :smiley:

Assuming the thing is real, somehow I think that what you are going to get on ebay is going to make the taxidermy expenses seem like rather a worthwhile investment.

Keep in mind that most taxidermists charge by the inch, so mounting one is going to cost you a lot of money. :smiley:

If you shoot a mated pair, do you have to have them mounted? I’d prefer them side by side. :eek:

If you shoot a mated pair, do you have to have them mounted? I’d prefer them side by side. :eek:

Meh, it’s been done…

It’s legal to shoot em in Texas.

Surely someone dressing up as Sasquatch and running around the woods qualifies as an “attractive nuisance”? I doubt one would get charged w/murder.

If you did it in Texas, you’d be almost sure to be acquitted on the “he needed killin” theory.