Does Putin really have cancer?

It reminds me of the Star Trek episode, ‘Mirror, Mirror’.

There have been stories about many visits from a thyroid cancer specialist for at least 6 years now, I haven’t heard about blood cancer.

The story is replicated in many places, some more reputable than others. This is a good summary Proekt: Putin is constantly accompanied by a doctor specializing in thyroid cancer

I may have carelessly endorsed the rumor in another thread, but soon saw I was wrong to do so.

There is no credible evidence he has a deadly disease.

Most people may have some sort of chronic disease diagnosis by age 69, especially if they frequently see a physician and undergo a lot of tests. However, even if true that he has an alarming-sounding diagnosis, that doesn’t mean it will radically change life expectancy.

Seemingly reliable reports say that he has stopped playing ice hockey. At his age, this isn’t a big surprise.

He could be highly frightened of COVID because he is immunocompromised. But by itself, immunocompromise isn’t fatal.

Here are two more stories I just spied at Yahoo on this subject.


  1. I haven’t clicked on every link above in this thread, and for all I know these links may duplicate some of those.
  2. These stories don’t disclose any details or sources other than some of those already mentioned in this thread.

So perhaps nothing really new to see here.

(The first of the following two links seems to have a little more detail than the second.)

Until it happens, overthrowing a leader is contingent on events.

At least in the Soviet era, specialist physicians received much more training than primary care docs. Maybe Putin sees a specialist because he thinks the individual is a good doctor regardless of specialty.

Here is a cancer specialist, who was physician to the U. S. President, without raising suspicion that Bush the Elder had cancer:

Was going to post this very thing—a grandparent of mine had his spleen removed while battling leukemia; back in the early 1990s. It actually improved his condition quite a bit for a couple years before he ultimately succumbed.

Toppling the Russian government via a coup would merit more mention than in Yahoo and BI.

You’d think it’d be top news on every news outlet there is.

I dunno…just doesn’t pass a smell test. I hope I am wrong and he is being ousted.

Well, note that EVERY news story out there – at least all that I’ve seen – trace the story directly or indirectly back to just ONE source, a Ukrainian intelligence officer.

And of course, it hasn’t actually happened until it actually happens. Then we might see some top-of-the-front page stories.

I don’t doubt there’s manoeuvring among the underlings as to contingency planning what to do if and when Putin becomes incapacitated, and how to determine if he’s so incapacitated as to justify removal, but they’d have to be careful about hinting at more pro-active forms of incapacitation. Could Ukrainian intelligence have access to any of that?

I saw a doctor on reddit comment that the pattern of his puffiness matched the side effects of prednisone, which could be part of a cancer treatment or some other serious disease.

It’s plausible to me that he’s terminally ill because the Ukraine operation is unlike the way he has operated thus far. Too desperate. It makes more sense if it’s the sort of move a dying man makes in a desperate bid to accelerate his bid for a legacy of reuniting the old Soviet Union and leaving Russia in ascendance. It has that sort of ring of desperation.

It could also explain if he’s perhaps losing his marbles and incapable of making savvy decisions anymore, if he has some sort of disease that affects cognition.

It’s also consistent with his extreme measures to keep from being exposed to COVID - having some sort of terminal illness could make COVID far more risky.

It seems entirely plausible to me that he knows he’s near the end - it seems more likely than him being in good health with his wits about him.

A 70 year old man may have chronic medical conditions? Well knock me over with a feather.

It’s not like this was totally out of character for Putin. The invasion of Georgia in 2008 was essentially all him, and he annexed Crimea in 2014. I don’t think we need dementia or being on his death bed to explain this.

As Riemann said above, pushing the narrative of a very sick Putin would be smart propaganda by Ukraine, so I’ll give as much credence to reports coming from them as I will to reports coming from Russia.

Propaganda is propaganda. Absent evidence, it’s all BS.

Christopher Steele (he of Steele Dossier / pee tapes allegations fame) claims Putin is ill, citing unnamed oligarchs or other insiders in Russia (or something), – that is, he seems to be claiming sources other than the Ukrainian intelligence officer. His sources are murky and apparently not well-verified, beyond the fact that he is claiming them. The story is reported on many news media, the following being one example I chose more-or-less randomly:

Sure. I don’t mean to say that invading his neighbors are out of character, but doing it in a way that’s just not savvy and seems desperate. It’s entirely possible he got lucky and made the right decisions on those other cases and this time he just went too far through hubris, but my perception is that he was savvy in the previous cases doing just enough that the world wouldn’t find it worth it to intervene. Whereas this time around I think it was pretty obvious this time that the world was indeed prepared to intervene and he went with it anyway. That doesn’t seem like a savvy Putin move - one that he would’ve made 10 years ago - which moved me to speculate that something other than a patient, savvy Putin was behind it. Maybe a sick, desperate to make his big move before he dies Putin.

I’m not saying this is proof, I’m just saying it’s consistent with a Putin that we know wants his life’s legacy to be reuniting the Soviet union under Russian domination and may not have much time left to do it.

Many news media are just gossip rags.

“Mixed” is for sources that will publish anything someone comes to them with, essentially no matter how nuts or delusional the source might clearly be.

Steele is apparently a persona non grata in Russia and seems to have already largely lost most of his sources there, from his time in MI6, by 2016. I would expect that he lost most of those sources while being taken apart by the world press and various inquisitions.

I don’t see how he could really have gotten back into the information flow, since then, just from a practical standpoint of having lost everything and not being able to go to the country itself, personally. And that’s before considering some questionable choices that he seemed to have made during the Trump investigation that - from my read through of FBI interactions with him - had me wondering if he was dealing with an addiction of some form.

If he’s right then good but… I’m not holding my breath.