Does Sexing Prostitutes in New Vegas Change Anything?

So, I sexed all three of Pretty Sarah’s prostitutes and also Fisto. Other than being out some caps, does this do anything with respect to gameplay? Does it change character statistics or karma and I just didn’t notice? Some of the dialog options are rather hilarious, but I don’t know that they were necessarily worth caps that could have gone towards weapons, ammo, or meds.


Anyways, no, I don’t believe so.

Nope, prostitutes are there just for the flavor of New Vegas. I thought it was hilarious the man-whore in the Pretty Sara’s building (I forget what it’s called) refused service to my female character.

Well, it lets you know whether you’re dealing with boy prostitutes or girl prostitutes. I’d think that would be generally obvious without having to sex them, though. Has the result of the nukes reduced sexual dimorphism in humans in the Fallout universe?

Reminds me of Steve Irwin sticking his finger up the cloaca of a crocodile.

“Blimey, this ripper’s a sheila!”

Did he at least buy her dinner first?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Are you chasing down these prostitutes, determining whether they’re male or female, and then tagging and releasing them back into the wild? :smiley:

Well, there is that one quest starting in Vault 21 where you get to release them into the wild … :smiley:

Doesn’t it give you the “well rested” buff? i know banging the chick from the vault on the strip does.

Or increased it?

“Boy, girl, boy, boy, something, something, a different something, girl, girl…”

Hmm…with more than 2 forms that wouldn’t be dimorphism any more…sexual polymorphism? (Sounds like a really kinky D&D spell…)