Does the apparent upsurge of UK related threads have anything to do with a certain...

[thing where people celebrate something every year] coming up?
(I’ve temporarilly forgotten a very common word. It’s really annoying when that happens. Especially when the word is meant to be in a thread title.
Anyway, browse most of the society forums on this message board (MPSIMS, CS, IMHO) and you’d think this place has an obsession with that little place across the pond.

My wonders…


I tend to have that effect on speeble.


That’s not it. Holiday means going somewhere or time off work where I grew up. I know it has the other meaning generally across the pond, but it’s not the word I was looking for.


Have you spent a bit too long in the sun this afternoon, Lobsang? (Because it’s surely too early for a post-pub nonsensical posting :stuck_out_tongue: )

Unless I’m mistasken, UK folks don’t see much point to celebrating July 4th as anything special.

I really like the notion of “mistasken” and I’m sure my fingers wanted to introduce me to that word, but maybe it doesn’t really relate to this question – or this answer.

“Good Riddance Day,” as one of my British colleagues once jokingly referred to it.




Cliff Richard? INDIAN! and other ethnic/minority celebrity appropriations
(UK related because people assume Cliff and Freddy are English)
Tony Blair is my new hero
Just How British Are You? (Even If You’re Not)


UK: How much tip should a taxi driver get for a £5.00 ride?
UK Citizenship Test


Recommend books on the history of Great Britain
Is it just me, or is Batman Begins really British?
She’s world famous in England


Should the UK give up it’s rebate?
BritDopers: Why did Blair support Bush in the Iraq War?
Those are just the ones I found on all the page ones of the forums just now. I know there are more (for instance I remember one asking poeple if they are ‘anglophiles’)

Just enjoy the lack of endless discussion of meaningless senators :wink:

Hmm, somebody needs to pit England. Come on out you schone eating, tea sippin’, couldn’t hold an empire with both hands bastards! Your type really makes me puke, you vacuous, coffee-nosed, maloderous, pervert!

Stupid gits.

To pit us you’d have to say something we’d disagree with. Our national pastime is self-criticism.

:rolleyes: That’s toffee-nosed. But leave it to a septic to muck up the English language :smiley: .

Anyway, as a septic (who did however, score a 12 on the how British are you test) I can’t speak for anyone else here, but yes, I am in fact obsessed with Britain. And I’m delighted at the plethora of anglophilic threads. I try to make a point of posting to any thread to do with England. England and kinky sex, mostly those two.

:confused: I thought it was queuing.

Our two national passtimes are self-critisism, queuing, and Monty Python references…

… and complaining about the weather.

It’s scone, not a schone!