Does the bible mention cats?

Are cats mentioned anywhere in the old or new testaments?

How about dogs?

Dogs are prominent supporting players in the biblical cast of characters; their roles include eating Jezebel, licking up the blood of Naboth, eating the crumbs from their masters’ tables, and furnishing comparisons for proverbs. Do a keyword search on Bible Gateway to find all their appearances.

Cats, as far as I can tell, aren’t mentioned.

I assume you mean housecats (Felis silvestris), such as the Egyptians would have had? I remember that Samson killed a lion (with his bare hands IIRC) and later on found a beehive and honey in the lion’s dead body.

Cats are mentioned in the Hadith, but I can’t find anything in the Quran.

I found a Bible of a women with 32 cats and right there on page one it says “In the beginning CATS created the heaven and Earth.” :smiley:

Sure it does.

kthxbai :slight_smile:

The bible mentions lions frequently. More than 150 times in the KJV. THere are references to leopard but beyond that I am not aware of any other cat references. No generic word for cat, and I don’t think any other cats.

Nope, no house cats mentioned (at least in the Jewish bible; I’m not familiar with the NT).

The Bible is searchable online.

searching for cat returns several verses about cattle or catastrophe, but no cat.

Well, me-ow!

Maybe not in the Bible per se, but Catholic theology at least has expanded to include the concept of Purr-gatory.

And of course there’s the festival of Purr-im.

You misspelt* cat-holic*.

Muhammad famously loved cats.

Muezza, but I don’t think this appears in anywhere official.

Doesn’t that take place in the tabbynacle?

God did say “I loved The Passion of the Christ, much better than Cats” :smiley:

Behaviour which many dog owners will have noted.

And don’t forget Santa Claws!

I think y’all are all missing the fact that the O.T. God was obviously a cat: fickle, judgmental, alternately cold and indifferent and raging with fury, and prone to putting people in sandy places and shitting all over them.