Does the British Prime Minister reall walk around with out body gaurd or security?

Reading about the latest mishap in which the British PM and his wife left their 8yo daughter at a pub, has me seriously confused.

So these guys just walk the streets like regular citizens?

No, they have security with them. IIRC this cock-up was caused in part because of the security arrangements: Dave left the pub in a car with his bodyguards, his wife left separately, and each thought the little girl was with the other.

They try publicity stunts on occasion, such as cycling to work, but yeah they’re as covered by the Men in Black as any other bigwig is.

I remember the assassination of Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister, who was killed about 26 years ago while walking home from the movies with his wife without any bodyguards. It was a little surprising, because I am used to the extreme security around the American president.

They have discrete plains clothed police with then at all times, but we don’t go for the army of black suited men with sunglasses and armoured vehicles and cavalcades of black cars and police motorbikes like you guys do. The trappings of royalty would be a sure way to lose an election. They work very hard to appear like ordinary people (they’re not very good at it, but that’s the image they try to portray).

The security is there, but it’s designed to be inconspicuous instead of intimidating.

Children in pubs? A child abandoned in a pub?

Sigh: ‘Broken Britain’ personified.

Are you kidding me?

It wasn’t a strip club or something! Why shouldn’t they have their kids in a pub? I used to sit at the bar with my parents and enjoy a kiddy cocktail. It wasn’t rowdy, they didn’t take me late at night, and no one in there acted improperly at all.

Also, their daughter wasn’t really abandoned. I think they were there with some friends and the children of the friends, the Cameron girl went tothe bathroom, and while she was gone the group got into their cars and went to the Camerons’ home.

Pubs in Britain are not like Bars in The States.

Many Pubs are designed for, and encourage, family’s.

Others, not so much. But it is normally easy to tell the difference.

Outside the big cities, America also commonly has bars where children are welcome. People just know the difference between a “family” bar and a singles bar.

Pretty Vacant, I didn’t truly laugh, but I did enjoy a small smile, if that makes you feel any better.

That’s one of those general trends in “Americans (in this case, almost in the continental sense)” vs “rest of the world”, apparently. Spanish security firms say visitors from the US and much of Latin America want bodyguards who look “like dance club gorillas, the bigger the better”; most other people prefer them to look as ordinary as possible (being able to meld with walls is something for which they’d pay a plus).

This. I used to regularly catch a tube (metro) home from work and share a carriage with the former Mayor of London (when he was in office). He was very obviously alone and everyone just ignored him in a ‘I’m British and therefore way too cool to draw attention to a celebrity’ kinda way. I’ve also seen the current Mayoron his bike, also clearly alone.

Many pubs are more like casual restaurants, with kids menus and games on hand. Many countryside pubs have large gardens with children’s play areas. These establishments aren’t hard drinking nightclubs.

The mayor of New York City often takes the subway to work, too. It’s a tradition.

I’m pretty sure he has bodyguards, though.

A large part of this is that the rest of the developed world doesn’t have the crazy gun laws, so the rest of the developed world has a lot less to fear from crazed gunmen.

Which isn’t to say that there are no crazed gunmen outside the US, just that they’re a lot rarer. I suspect many Americans don’t grasp just how rare gun crime actually is outside the USA. Since the chance of encountering a gun-wielding assassin is a lot lower outside the USA, public figures can get by with less, and less obvious, security.

Anna Lindh says that guns have bog all to do with it.

Yes. Go into just about any British pub during the day at the weekend or in school holidays and there will be lots of children there, with their parents. (My daughter’s not even 10 months old yet and she’s been to most of my locals!) The only exceptions are likely to be the old-fashioned single-room pubs full of old men, which don’t serve food, and even then if you called in for a drink with a well-behaved child or two you’d probably be quite welcome. Also note that in many pubs there is a separate bar area in which children (usually those under 14) are not permitted, but that’s more of an informal rule of etiquette than a hard and fast legal rule.

The sort of drinking den that you wouldn’t want to take children to is not usually referred to as a “pub”.

What is it referred to?

A bar.