Does the Mass Effect prequel book spoiler the game?

I’ve just got ahold of Mass Effect. I’m operating about a year behind the release schedule which means Yay! cheap games. Although Fable 2 and Fallout 3 are calling me i must admit.

At the same time as i bought it (from Amazon) i noticed there was a prequel book called Mass Effect: Revelation which has a very good rating and i’m tempted to read it first as i understand it explains a lot of the background and i’ve heard the actual game throws you rather in the deep end.

So the question is, is the book too spoilerly? Now i’m sure it doesn’t give away completely plot critical stuff about the bad guy(s) and there plans in the game. But, does it spoil (and i realise i’m being ambiguous here) lots of other neat stuff that you find out in the game. Imagine a Halo2 prequel giving away the Flood, that sort of thing.

Thanks people

Yeah, I hated when the Halo 2 prequel gave away the Flood.

I haven’t read it yet, but the only spoilers I’ve heard of are from the first two levels:

Saren and Anderson’s history, and the fact that Saren isn’t a nice guy.

Huh, don’t know where the 2 came from of course i meant the original Halo

I haven’t read the book, but I just wanted to say that I never felt as if I was thrown into the “deep end” or anything like that. I thought the point at which they chose to drop you into the story was exciting and appropriate. If you’re confused or feel behind on anything, the Codex is a good resource (actually too in-depth, IMO; I quit checking it after a while), and you can also explore every single dialogue option in conversation, which explains a lot of what you’re probably wondering about and/or adds Codex entries that explain things.

FYI, the word you’re looking for is “spoil.”

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