Does the POTUS carry a wallet with a drivers license, credit cards etc.?

Just curious. Is there really any reason for him to carry these things?

Probably depends on the POTUS. Some might want to carry a wallet like normal. Others may want their body man to carry that stuff. Remember too, that there are SOME things that the POTUS would buy with his own money. Stuff like presents for family, etc. While he may have staffers go buy that stuff for him, I’d imagine there are some presidents who would want to do personal things like that himself.

Why wouldn’t he carry these things? The President is neither a god nor an annointed king.

There was a well publicized event with Bush senior visiting with some kids at a day care (I think). THe kid he was talking to didn’t believe who he was, so Bush pulled out his driver’s license.

It was, of course, humorous and made good TV.

He’s also surrounded by bodyguards and staffers every moment he’s out of the White House (and possibly every moment he’s out of the crapper). It’s a fair question.

If Aaron Sorkin can be believed, he at least does not carry his credit cards.

I refer you to the scene in The American President, where President Shepherd is trying to buy a bouquet of dogwood flowers for Sydney Ellen Wade and his assistant informs him that his credit cards are in a safety deposit box in Wisconsin or something like that.

If Aaron Sorkin says it …

The anecdotal story I heard was that the Queen’s little handbags contain a few peppermints and nothing else.

Damn, I came in to share this anecdote… grr…

During his presidency, after, or before?

Well, sure, but how do you tell him apart from Eddie Murphy?

According to another thread, not carrying ID is grounds for getting arrested in Michigan, so he’d have to be careful there.

If I may add an ancillary question:

Do heads of state and their staff present passports and the like when they visit other countries?

I can just picture the Queen presenting a pound note or something and saying “That’s me right there!”

From da man.

I don’t think Queen Elizabeth has a passport, since it’s just a written request from her to foreign governments. She can make the request herself in person. She probably had a passport before 1952 as the Princess Elizabeth, since it would have been issued on behalf of her father or her grandfather. Members of her staff would need passports, since they would not just travel in the same party as HM on all occasions.

There’s also things like Bill Clinton stopping in at McDonald’s on his morning jog. It probably makes for a better photo op if the President himself pays for his Egg McMuffin, rather than one of his Secret Service agents.

Empty pockets: The US President does not carry a wallet or any money.

Slate’s Explainer (video): [noparse][/noparse]

Former Colombian President apparently carried a wallet containing his personal check card while in office- and a scrap of paper with the PIN on it too.

I’m sure it was during his presidency.

Call me a liar, cause I can’t find it on the internets…I would have thought it would have been easier to find…I’m sure I didn’t make it up. Anyone else want to verify this or find it for me somewhere?


He’s got to carry something in those pockets 'cause they sure aren’t full of guilt.
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They’re looking for the story about Bush 41 showing his driver’s license to a disbelieving school kid.