Not even a dime for a phone call?

When asked by a reporter what he carries in his pockets, President Bush produced only a handkerchief. Even for someone in his position that seems a bit light.

I have (right now) money, keys, nail clippers, wallet, comb, pen. When I’m smoking, add cigarettes and matches. When I’m not smoking, add a spare nicotine patch.

What are you normally walking around with?

(The first person who answers “My Precious” is going on The List.)

Keys, wallet, and spare change.

At the moment…a Swiss Army knife, my keys, my wallet, six cents, and two flash memory cards.

Keys, wallet, smokes & lighter, thumb drive cell phone and change.

Keys, and my (empty) wallet.

BTW, This Year’s Model, you realize you’re dating yourself, right? First no one uses pay phones anymore - they’ve got cells. And second, you can’t make a phone call anywhere for less than a quarter. :smiley:

This reminds me of the reporters in the UK trying to find out what the queen carries in her purse. :slight_smile:

I can see where a president wouldn’t need any of those things you listed. He’s never alone. There’s always somebody at his elbow to supply pens, keys, and money. Also, he’s gotta be paranoid about every little thing he does in public. There are people who would love to snap a photo of him clipping his nails or combing his hair. Best if he isn’t even tempted.

There is nothing in my pockets, but I carry in my purse:
wallet, checkbook, address book, pens, keys (mini pocket knife attached), cell phone, thumb drive, hairbrush, mirror, sunglasses, chapstick, dental floss, eye drops, nail clippers, kleenex, gum and a bottle of Advil.

My husband makes fun of me but never hesitates to borrow any of these things when we’re out.

  1. One pen, Pilot Precise v5
  2. Wallet
  3. Keys
  4. USB flash drive, 256MB
  5. Cell phone
  6. CAP, HOT WEATHER (SPO100-96-D-0345) 50% NYLON 50% COTTON

That last one’s just because I’m in uniform, and I’m inside. The BDU cap rolls up and fits in my cargo pockets. Oh, damn, I’ve got cargo pockets! Hang on.

  1. $0.83 in mixed change
  2. receipts from last several credit card purchases
  3. Twelve napkins from Chipotle

I always have my keys, wallet, and a pen in my pockets. I would expect that the President would carry a pen, except that he’s got personal aides to take notes for him, and stopping to scribble down what Ariel Sharon says during negotiations would be… a little much. “Now Ariel, I’m writing this down, and if you don’t do it, I’ll know!”

I would answer “my hands,” but I just pulled them out. :smiley:

Let’s see…wallet, keys, pen, Leatherman Squirt P4, lucky piece (an aluminum Mardi Gras coin (from the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club 1992 (with an aardvark on the other side))). I would add a cell and a Leatherman Juice S2, but technically they are on my belt.

wallet (with sundry receipts, paper money, various pieces of plastic, and small change.


key ring (office door - often used since I’m frequently the first one to arrive in the morning. apartment, building parking lot back door, mailbox, padlock key for my laptop case that I only really use on vacation.)

tiny flat pill case for a few tylenol and the like.

Chewing Gum
Guitar Picks (Flat and Fingerpicks)
A tiny Digital Voice Recorder for making notes
Cell Phone
Spare Change

Keys get clipped on the belt by carabiner

I like having pockets, and I won’t buy pants that don’t have them if I can help it, but most of the time they’re empty. :slight_smile:

Weekends, I only have stuff in my pockets if I’m going out: then, it’s my cell phone (left front pocket) and license/credit cards/cash/car key/tiny pack of mints (right front pocket). The rest of my keys stay in the car, in the glove box. If I’m going shopping, I just take my purse.

Weekdays, I always start with empty pockets (I take a backpack to work). If I’m at my desk chances are that my pockets are empty, unless it’s after lunch and I haven’t put my leftover money away yet. If I’m in a meeting, I sometimes have my cell phone with me – and sometimes also my PDA, but I don’t carry that in a pocket. On the way to lunch I typically have my cell phone and some cash.

Same here. I don’t need bulging pockets making my shape even bulkier then it is.
In my purse I carry as a standard:

-Favourite lipstick
-Swiss army knife “Camper”
-Cell phone
-Various hairbands and -clips, to use for the four times a day when I want my hair going from fashionably loose to practically tied back and vice-versa;
-Two stain-towelettes (really practical, I wish I had discovered those sooner!)
-Two painkillers that can be taken without water.
-The tiniest, lightest mirror I could find.

Nothing right now. Though I cycle through keys, phone, and wallet on the weekends. During the week, everything is in my bag. And, I do mean everything.

President Johnson ordering pants.

Note knife, money, nuts, and bunghole.

Keys, wallet, spare change only as long as it takes me to get to one of my change-dumping places, cell phone.

String or nothing!

No mad money in case Rove dumps him?

Stopped carrying change.

I have:

House keys
Car keys
Swiss army knife
Magnifying glass
Wire brush gum cleaner
Drum tobacco
Cell phone
Watch is attached to belt loop

Back right pocket - wallet
Front right - phone and keys
Front left - palm pilot and chapstick. And any change I may have accumulated that day.
Always. I feel naked if I leave the house without everything in place.