Does the president get house keys?

Just wondering how that works since someone’s always there.

Someone is always at the White House, but not necessarily in their living quarters.

Then again, the whole place is so well guarded that locks are probably not necessary. But that’s just speculation.

A vision of Ronald Reagan yelling “Nancy! I forgot my key again!” just popped into my head.

This OP also made me wonder if he carries a wallet? Money? Credit cards? Does a Secret Service guy carry them for him? Does he have any use for them anyway?

These things might be handy if he needed to stop for gas and a Big Gulp, or show his ID to get into a summit meeting. :wink:

Sorry if this is a hijack, I can move it to another thread if I need to.

I know some do. When asked where presidents keep their nuclear keycode card I think Clinton kept his in his jacket but someone else said they kept theirs in their wallet

President Ford kind of got locked out of the White House once:

They normally carry a wallet and money since you will see them buying items at stores once in a while.

Bill Clinton was here in town recently and he left his credit card at a restaurant, the Secret Service went back and got it for him.

The Queen of England carries a little handbag - no idea why, but she does.

The Master speaks! These days, she may well also include her iPod as well; I don’t know for sure.

Lizzy loves her little handbags so much that she had hooks added to much of the furniture in Buckingham Palace so she could hang them up wherever she is.

This would make a killer, “what’s in your wallet” commercial.

Clinton never drove while he was in office except a few times so he had no car keys to carry.

A reporter once asked Bush (the senior one) this question. Bush did have a wallet in his pocket and had about sixty dollars in cash in it.

The president does not open doors. He has people who do that for him.

Thus, no need for keys.

Well, the Obama’s still own their house in Chicago, and the Bush’s had the ranch. Presumably both places came with a set of keys, though I don’t know who is in charge of keeping track of them. Presumably the SS had some copies made so they can sweep the place for terrorists occasionally.

Janie! Do you have any idea where
my credit cards might be?

                                                     CUT TO:


	They're in storage in Wisconsin with
	the rest of your personal items.

		   (into phone)
	Listen, what might be better is if
	you just bill me for the flowers.
	I'm sure it'll be okay with your
	boss. Well, I don't know if you
	recognize my voice, but this is the
	The United States.
		   (they've hung up)

“The American President”

Obama does.
There was recently TV footage of him buying for a group of people at a burger joint.

I can’t imagine why he’d have to pay for any small item. If I owned a 7-11 type place, anything the president needs would be free of charge.

But then you’d start a raging ethics debate about the President getting free jerky.

Didn’t we already have that with Clinton?

As a slight hijack, I actually have treated the White House locksmith back in 2000. He was looking forward to a change in administration because it meant more work since they had to change all the locks. I’m sure the President carries money but I also treat White House staff and they do most of the shopping. In fact, they say it’s sometimes hard for the First Family to adjust to having somebody shop for them. Would you want to be the one responsible for buying the First Lady’s tampons?