Does the search engine not work?

Am I right to think that the search function on these boards doesn’t work very well?

Latest example: Two days ago I did a search in Cafe Society for “Ocean’s Twelve” thinking I had seen a thread about it before. Search came up with nothing, so I started a new thread about it. But today the old thread I thought I had seen had finally been bumped back up to the top by someone–so it had existed all along, but had no been found by the search. Even though the first two words in the thread title are “Ocean’s Twelve.”

Am I doing something wrong, you think? Or is the search engine known not to work very well?


Just to clarify, neither does “Ocean’s 12” nor simply “Ocean’s” work. And the thread in question is sitting right there on at the top of the board.


Try searching on just “oceans”. The apostrophe makes a difference. Also, that thread doesn’t have the word “twelve” in it at all, and “12” is too short to search on.

Search Thread Titles Only for “oceans” and it’s the first result.